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Maestro® Fan and Light Controls
The Maestro® Fan and Light control switch by Lutron is the perfect solution for adding a modern touch to your home or office lighting system while combining two separate controls into one easy-to-use wall control.

Maestro Wireless Dimmer Control

Maestro® Wireless Dimmers & Switches
Used in conjunction with Pico Control and Powr Savr occupancy sensors, these dimmers and switches can be controlled from inside or outside your home, from 30 feet away.

Pico Wireless Light Controller

Pico™ Wireless Control
Able to control lighting from up to 30 feet away, this wireless control is able to sync with up to 10 Maestro® wireless controls or Radio Powr Savr™ occupancy sensors.

Lutron Powr Savr Sensro

Radio Powr Savr™ Wireless Occupancy Sensor
Able to sync with up to 10 compatible Lutron wireless controls, this occupancy sensor has 360° motion detection, and runs on a 10-year battery – no hardwiring needed.

DIVA light dimmer

DIVA® Fan Control Switch
DIVA® Fan Controls by Lutron are the perfect addition to any home lighting system. These fan controls use the same stylish and irresistible look of the DIVA® dimmer, for a complete, perfectly matched installation. With three quiet speeds, your fan will cool your room without distraction or bothersome noise so you can relax, read, or watch TV.


SKYLARK® Combination Fan Controls, Light Switches, and Dimmers
Skylark fan controls and light switches by Lutron offer an affordable solution to add designer style lighting and fan speed controls without sacrificing too much out-of-pocket.


Maestro® Digital Fade Dimmers
Maestro® Designer-style Dimmers by Lutron bring advanced features and unsurpassed style and beauty to modern day lighting systems.

Claro Wallplates

Claro™ Designer Wall Plates
Claro™ designer wall plates by Lutron are the perfect choice for matching your Maestro, Diva, or Skylark dimmers and fan controls to any preexisting décor, switches, or wall color. ASTM tested and made from durable polycarbonate, these wall plates are built to last, and the color will keep its beauty for many years to come.

Vierti light dimmer

Vierti™ Single-Touch Light Dimmers
Energy Saving ProductVierti™ light dimmers have a distinctive and highly attractive style that can be customized to fit any décor. With interchangeable LED bars and wallplates, you can change the look of Vierti™ to match your personal style.

Lutron MS-OPS5AM

Maestro® 120V Switch with Occupancy Sensor
Ideal for reducing energy consumption in home and work environments, this light switch features a built-in motion sensor that automatically turns off the lights when a room is completely vacated.

Lutron MS-OP600M

Maestro® Dimmer with Occupancy Sensor
Perfect for people who love mood lighting but often forget to turn off the lights, this dimmer allows you to customize light levels, and features a sensor that automatically turns lights off when you vacate the room.


Maestro® Dual Application Dimmers and Light Controls
Maestro dual application controls by Lutron eliminate the old style and cluttered look of stacked wall switches by combing 2 separate controls into a single unit.

maestro ir dimmer switch, mir-600thw

Maestro® IR Dimmers
Innovative microprocessor technology is evident in the Maestro® IR dimmer. Not only is the dimmer convenient (thanks to its remote control), it also saves energy and extends the life of your lamps. This dimmer is specifically designed to control many different light sources to meet all of your needs.

Lutron MRF2-3LD-white

Lutron® Maestro® Wireless Lamp Dimmer
Perfect for customizing lamp brightness to create the perfect ambiance in any room, this plug-in dimmer gives you complete wireless control without the installation hassle of standard dimmers.

DIVA light dimmer

DIVA® Light Dimmers
DIVA® light dimmers by Lutron bring you the high-end look of today's modern lighting without the expensive cost. You can create the perfect effect for each room while enhancing your decor with the DIVA's unique and stylish look.


SKYLARK® Dimmers and Light Switches
The SKYLARK Dimmer and Light Switch Control by Lutron offers an affordable way to have designer lighting without the extreme costs that come with custom lighting. These economical light dimmers help you create the perfect ambiance for your room while saving energy in the process.


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