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Gel Filled Splicing Connectors

Telcom Gel-filled Splicing Connectors and Telcom Pliers
From / 25
Platinum Tools Telcom Splicing Connectors and Telcom Pliers make a winning combination for simple, quick, and reliable termination of wires and cables.

EZ SnapJack

EZ SnapJack™
Designed to be the ultimate installation timesaver, these Cat5e and Cat6 self-terminating jacks require absolutely no tools, and can be reused as your network is updated.

EZ RJ45 Plug Connectors

EZ-RJ45 Plug Connectors
From / Qty 15
The patented EZ-RJ® connector simplifies RJ45 connector plug twisted pair terminations by allowing the wires to be inserted through the connector and pulled OUT THE FRONT. Reducing the distance between the wire twists and the pin contacts improves electrical specification performance.

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Cat 5e/6 Strain Reliefs

EZ-RJ45® Cat 5e/6 Strain Reliefs
From / Qty 50
Platinum Tools innovative Strain Relief boots are designed to be crimped with the EZ-RJ45® plugs/connectors, for a professional looking patch cord.

Platinum Tolls Shielded EZ-RJ45 connector

Shielded EZ-RJ45Connectors
From / Qty 10
Platinum Tools Shielded EZ-RJ45 Cat5e/Cat6 connectors take the unique, easy to use EZ-RJ45 design and reinforce it with a die-cast housing, making a product that is unmatched in its class. Includes an internal ground and a shielded housing over an EZ-RJ45 plug, to protect from EMI and high levels of noise interference.

Category 5e Modular Plugs

High Performance Category 5e Modular Plugs
Ideal for drastically cutting back on crosstalk and increasing data security and efficiency, these modular plugs feature a 4-high, 4-low staggered design that automatically aligns and isolates conductors for the cleanest terminations.


VDV MapMaster

VDV MapMaster™
Ideal for any voice, data or cable TV installer, this tester combines mapping, tone generating and continuity testing functions for coax and twisted pair cables, providing an all-in-one solution that saves time and money on the job.

TSS200 cable fault finder, Snap Shot tester

Snap Shot™ Cable Tester
Designed for use with electrical, data, video and phone cables, this tester is able to quickly measure overall cable length and locate faults, and features internal memory to store your most frequently used settings for easy recall.

Platinum Tools T62 Recon

T62 Recon™ Telecommunications Line Analyzer
Designed to perform multiple phone line tests with just one simple unit, this tester evaluates current, polarity, voltage and caller ID errors, and is also able to detect all commonly-used DSL and T1 protocols.

VDV MapMaster 2, T129

Platinum Tools VDV MapMaster™ 2.0 Wire Mapper & Cable Tester
This award winning test instrument ensures decreased labor time and increased installation accuracy.

Cable Prowler, cable tester, TCB300, TCB360K1

Platinum Tools Cable Prowler Test Kit
This tester delivers unparalleled test variety, ease of use and record keeping for all your network cable testing needs.



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