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RGB Component Cables

RGB Component Video Cables
From / 3 ft. cable
If you are in search of the best picture that analog video can provide, you have found it. Vanco's RGB component cables are attractive, premium-quality cables which provide high-definition content with maximal fidelity and minimal loss.

Swivel HDMI Audio/Video Cable

1080p Swivel HDMI Audio/Video Cable
Connecting a wall mounted LCD or Plasma HDTV to today's latest Blu-Ray™ players, Video game consoles, or other digital equipment has never been easier, thanks to Vanco's new 180° swivel HDMI cable.

HDMI Extension Cables

HDMI Extension Cables
If you have ever needed just a few extra feet to connect your HDMI components and connectors this is your answer. These varying lengths cables act like a connector would – only with the added value of length so that you have flexibility in your home theater setup.

flat swiveling head HDMI cable

HDMI Flat Swivel Cables with Ethernet
From / 3ft cable
Perfect for squeezing into tight spaces behind HDTVs and laying flat under rugs, these flat, swiveling HDMI cables give your home theater a professional look while delivering 3D-enabled digital audio, video and Ethernet signals to your TV.

HDMI Keystone Insert

HDMI Keystone Insert with Pigtail
Vanco's HDMI Keystone Insert with Pigtail gives any home the professional look of custom installed HDMI outlets without the frustration and cost involved of wiring your own jacks.

Blue Jet Audio Video Cables

HDMI Audio/Video Cables
These Blue Jet™ HDMI™ cables from Vanco provide you with a digital signal format, developed primarily to implement HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) and allow you to have complete access to high-definition digital recordings.

Blue Jet Digital Cable

Blue Jet® HDMI™ 1.3 Digital Audio / Video Cable
These cables are an excellent choice if you need to connect HDTVs, digital flat-panel displays and other components with HDMI™ connections to Blu-Ray™/HD DVD™ digital DVD players, HDTV converter box, HDTV cable box, HDTV satellite receiver, digital A/V receivers.

Vanco RedMere HDMI Cable

Vanco High Speed HDMI® Cable with RedMere Technology
From / 12FT
Low-profile HDMI cables with built-in amplification to ensure integrity retention over distances up to 75 ft.

Wall Plates & Mounting Brackets

Flat Panel Wall Plate

Flat Panel TV Bulk Cable Wall Plate
Giving your home theater a professional look just got a whole lot easier with these faceplates. Make your plasma or LCD TV look like it was expertly installed. This bulk wall plate allows your system to have the cleanest possible flat panel TV install.

Single and Dual Bulk Gang Wall Plates

Single and Dual Bulk Gang Wall Plates
Vanco's Single and Dual Gang Wall Plates come in a variety of colors so that you are able to match your décor. It is an attractive way to cover cable entry/exit points for home theaters, server and cable rooms, etc.

Hinged Wall Plate

Hinged Bulk Cable Wall Plates
With a convenient hinged design, these wallplates can be installed even after cables have been connected, so you'll never have to disrupt your home theater equipment.

Slim Line Wall Plates

Slim Line Series A/V Wall Plates
Vanco HDMI™ Slim Line Wall Plates allow a Quick and Easy HDMI™ Wall Plate Connection so you are able to install from the box in no time. It delivers clean, uncompressed digital signals.

Component Video Wall Plate

HDMI Wall Plate with Component Video Cable
Install high-definition digital audio and video wall plates wherever you need them with this new HDMI wall plate. Designed for use with our high-quality HDMI cables, wiring your HDMI video has never been easier.

Whole House Wall Plates

Whole House Audio 6.2 & 7.2 Home Theater Wall Plates
This two-in-one wall plate allows you to connect your speaker wire directly to on the wall binding posts, and has a open port for running home audio and video cables to remote speakers or equipment.

Dual Rapid Link Power

Dual Rapid Link Power
This cost effective solution is perfect for wall mounted HDTV flat screen plasma and LCD TVs. Rapid Link Power is easy and safe to install and will grant your home or office with that complete professional appearance.

VGA RCA Wallplate

VGA and Dual RCA Wall Plate
Designed to provide low-profile, clutter-free RCA and VGA connections for wall-mounted HDTVs and computer monitors, these wall plates deliver signal transfer with minimal loss, and can fit onto both mounting brackets and junction boxes.

Brush Cable Exit Wall Plates

Brush Cable Exit Wall Plates
Perfect for adding, clean, attractive cable entrance and exit points to your home theater, these wall plates are lined with soft nylon bristles that hold cables in place to prevent them from falling behind the wall.

Box Buddy Mounting Brackets

Box Buddy Low Voltage Mounting Brackets
Designed to give your home theater a professionally-finished look, these mounting brackets accommodate low-voltage devices in 3, 4 or 8-gang configurations, and keep decorative wall plates perfectly aligned.


Vanco Secure Mount

Secure Mount
Perfect for apartments, dorm rooms and anywhere you don't know the precise location of wall studs, this kit allows you to mount an HDTV weighing up to 150 lbs without needing to find and drill into studs.


USB Keystone Insert Adapter

USB Keystone Insert Adapter
Ideal for table boxes, patch panels, and power-data centers, this adapter is designed to organize and customize your computer's USB connections, and fits into almost any keystone wall plate.

Vanco HDMI Adapter

HDMI Special Adapters
Perfect for eliminating the strain and interrupted signal that come from tightly-bent cables, these swivel, right-angle and 180° connectors help HDMI cables function properly, even in tight spaces behind TVs.

Vanco HDMI to DVI Male

HDMI Jack to DVI Male Plug Video In-Line Adapter
Created to enable compatibility between HDMI and DVI devices, this adapter attaches to the end of a standard HDMI cable, and plugs into the DVI port of TVs, computers and projectors to deliver clean, clear high-def audio and video signals.


AB Switch

Digital HDMI / DVI Video Selector A/B Switch
The VAN-280321 allows you to connect your satellite box, DVD player or other device to one high definition television display (HDMI to HDMI, or DVI/Audio to DVI/Audio) by just pushing a button.

Matrix Selector Switches

HDMI Matrix Selector Switches
These matrix switches are the answer if the question is how can I connect several inputs and have them play simultaneously in different outputs. Select between 2 and 4 inputs and 2 to 4 outputs for a truly perfect fit to whatever your A/V needs might be.

Transmitters & Receivers

Video over CAT5

Component Video Over CAT 5e Transmitter & Receiver
This component video wall plates allows you to do away with the loose cabling while extending your component signal up to 30 meters. This cost effective and functional solution will provide a finished, professional look to your home theater installation.


Component Video over CAT 5

Component Video Over CAT 5e Extender
These devices are capable of transmitting composite video (and stereo audio signals) over CAT5e or CAT6 twisted pair cable up to a maximum distance of 984 feet. The compact design and simple installation make it perfect for corporate and educational purposes,CCTV and home theater.

HDMI Extender

HDMI Extender
Vanco's HDMI Extenders will actively boost HDMI signals from 100' up to 164' ensuring sharp images up to HDTV 1080p. This compact device supports flat panels, plasma screens, projectors, switches, splitters, computer video displays, set-top boxes, DTV, and DVD with HDMI.

HDMI over 2x CAT 5e

HDMI Extender Over 2X CAT 5e Cable
The Vanco HDMI Extender over Cat 5e Cables makes it possible for you to run your HDTV display up to 200 feet from the output source using Category 5e cable connections.

HDMI Splitter and Extender

HDMI Splitter & Extender
Vanco HDMI extender/ splitters allow you to stream HDMI signals from a single source to multiple screens and enjoy impressive high-definition presentations.

VANCO HDMI Coaxial Extender

HDMI Over Single Coaxial Extender
Ideal for classes and conference rooms, this extender lets you transmit 1080p HDMI signals room-to-room over coaxial cable, and includes a remote control for toggling between input devices.

280552 HDMI extender kit over cat cables

HDMI Extender Kit Over 2X CAT5e Cables
Able to extend HDMI signals up to 100 feet from their source, this extender lets you place high-def displays almost anywhere, and uses Cat5e or Cat6 cable and PoE technology, so no power cords or expensive coax are needed.



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