Solder-It™ Torches, Heat Guns

These torches, heat guns, hot knives and soldering irons are essential for all your braided sleeving needs. They neatly cut in one shot the sleevings with the hot knife tips so they become fray resistant. Then, just at the switch of a tip, they (SOLDERPRO-120 K) become a heat gun for your heat shrink terminators, or even a soldering iron for your common household needs. They all feature automatic piezo ignition and are completely portable.


Turbo-Lite 2060 TorchTurbo-Lite 2060 Torch
Price $23.99
The TURBO-LITE™ refillable butane torch is ideal for small jobs like cutting expandable braided sleeving and other do-it-yourself repairs. Makes a great affordable gift for Do-it-Yourselfers.

Micro-Therm MJ-600 Heat GunMicro-Therm MJ-600 Heat Gun
Price $29.99
The MICRO-THERM ™ MJ-600 Flameless Heat Gun is ideal for heat shrink tubing, stretch and bend vinyl, plastic and PVC, and activating adhesives.


Solder-ItSolder-It Pro-Torch 200
Price $39.99
Automatic Piezo Ignition Torch. Propane torch volume flame with butane convenience.

soldering kitSolder-Pro 70  $39.99
Solder-Pro 70 KIT $69.99
The standard manual ignition tool for engineers and technicians.
The Solder.It™ SOLDERPRO™ 70 is a Butane Powered Portable Multi-Function Heat Tool.


Pro-Torch 500Solder-It Heavy-Duty Pro-Torch 500
Price $69.99
Heavy-Duty automatic Piezo Ignition Torch. Propane torch volume flame with butane convenience.

soldering kitSolder-It™ SolderPRO 120
From $99.99
The Solder-It™ Solderpro 120 is a lightweight portable butane fueled hot knife/heat gun combo tool.


Solder-Pro 100KSolder-Pro 100K
Price $109.99
The SOLDER-PRO™ 100K is the ultimate automatic ignition multi-function tool for all your projects. The soldering iron tips are shaped from a copper bar and then coated with protective iron coating.

Solder It 180Solder It™ 180 $134.99
Solder It™ 180 Kit $229.99
The SOLDERPRO 180 is a Butane Powered Portable Multi-Function Heat Tool: Equivalent to a 185-watt soldering iron & 2500F Torch, Powered by refillable Patented Liquid Energy Cell (LEC)...




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