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Cable Sleeving is one of the best looking and most diverse wire management solutions available. Here you'll find everything from our general purpose PET wrap to our fiberglass sleeving for high temperature industrial applications. We offer a broad range of toughness, from Mylar for largely aesthetic cable concealment to the extremely durable Teflon. And everything in between! We also stock a broad range of tools to help you cut and seal our various sleeving products.


Installation Types

There are two basic forms of braided cable sleeving.

  1. The first, and most popular, is non-slit sleeving. To use this type, simply measure out the amount you need, cut with scissors or a hot knife, and push your cables through.
  2. The second type is generally referred to as split, side entry, or wrap-around sleeving. This type may be installed at any point during the run, and is closed either by buttons, hook-and-loop, or a zipper.

Non-Slit - Great looks (no seams, zipper or visible closure)
- Available for more applications, including extreme temperatures
- Some types are not expandable
Split, Side Entry, Wrap-Around - Can be applied at any point in the run
- Zipper, hook-and-loop, and self-closure options
- Not available for extreme temperatures
- No custom lengths for zipper closure (can't be cut)


Choosing the Right Material for your Application

The versatility of cable sleeving in cable management is mostly attributable to the availability of different materials for varying applications. Here’s a short overview of what materials should be used for each environment:

  • PET sleeving is by far the most popular: a general purpose sleeving.
  • Nylon is typically used to make abrasion resistant sleeving. As an added bonus, it is naturally resistant to oils, chemicals, solvents, and UV rays. Locomotive, automotive, and mining are typical applications.
  • Fiberglass sleeving is used almost exclusively for high heat applications such as welding, manufacturing, and industrial.
  • Nomex sleevings, such as Roundit 2000, is great for applications such as racing, military, fire rescue, and others that have a risk of sudden flames.
  • Teflon makes a highly expandable sleeving. Superior flame, cut, and abrasion resistance. Typically used for aerospace, military, and plenum applications.
  • Mylar: A mostly aesthetic cable hider. Provides an easy-to-use, cool looking alternative to Mylar for A/V cable management. Has many other uses. Provides a bit of protection from interference.
  • Stainless steel resists UV rays, chemicals, and abrasion, and is ideal for outdoor applications. Looks great and is popular among automotive enthusiasts.
  • Kevlar provides super strength and abrasion resistance. It is 20 times stronger than steel.

We hope what you’ve found here was enough to get started on your search for the proper cable sleeves, but it doesn’t end here!

If you have a special request of any kind, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.


If you need help selecting a solution for your cable management needs, feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-866-222-0030.


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