Cable Raceways and Wire Management Systems Route Data and Video Cables Safely and Neatly




Cable Raceways hide unsightly wires and cables from view, making home theater and ceiling fan installations look like they were done by a pro. The covering can usually be painted to match walls for a finished look. Wire Management Systems guide and protect electrical wiring and data cables for longer runs like offices, warehouses, hospitals, schools, etc.

Cable Raceways are surface raceways that are used to hide and protect wires running along walls. Select from options including basic raceways, specialty cable ducts for home theater installations, raceways systems for long cable runs and power poles.

Wire Ducts use open slots, so wires that are carried within the duct can be pulled out at any point. This feature allows terminated wires to be re-routed to points outside the duct quickly and easily.

Flexible and EMT Conduit route and protect electrical wiring and data cables from main distribution panels to all termination points. Conduits protect enclosed wires from impact, moisture and corrosion.

Cable Trays enable cable to be neatly routed overhead. Used primarily in commercial and industrial construction, cable trays are a great cable management solution for warehouses, theaters and auditoriums.

Cable Support Systems are an economical solution for overhead cable management. Hooks and rings can be attached to threaded rods, beams, walls, angle brackets, mounting brackets and more. These systems are easily adjustable and expandable in the event that your cabling requirements change.

Cable and Hose Carriers protect constantly moving cables or hoses in mechanical and robotic machinery. Prevent cables from breaking, corkscrewing or tangling.

Desk Organizers manage clutter near workstations. Increase workspace and productivity by getting wires and cables off the desk.



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