SnakeTray® Snake Loop™ Cable Management System

Future-Proof Your Rack With Smart Cable Management


SnakeTray® Snake Loop™ Cable Management System

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SnakeTray® Snake Loop™ Cable Management System

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about the SNAKE LOOP?

  • Creates a service loop for additional length on your cable run
  • Easily installs to a rack, wall or ceiling for your convenience
  • Loop is safe and made to protect the integrity of the cable
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IT departments everywhere have gone through the nightmare of having to re-wire an entire data center while companies everywhere have tried to come up with solutions for this very common problem. SnakeTray’s® Snake Loop™ Cable Manager is the perfect solution to future proof your racks. Incredibly easy to mount and with a large cable capacity, the Snake Loop™ makes a safe loop with your left over cable run to provide an access point to maintain your connections.

  • Metal construction for guaranteed durability
  • Keeps your cables out of the way and neatly stored
  • All mounting hardware is included for a fast and easy set up
  • Lightweight for easy handling while unloaded
  • Dual sided cascading edges for a safe cable drop


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Weight: 8 lbs.
Snake Tray® Patents: #6,637,704 • #6,637,165 • #6,463,704 • #6,460,812 • #6,449,912 • #6,361,000 • #6,347,493 • #6,019,323 • #5,953,870 • #5,839,702 • #6,926,236 • AUS #737,81
Mounting Options: Rack, Wall, Floor

Please note that Snake Tray products are subject to a 30% restocking fee if returned.

SN-LP Snake Loop™ Cable Manager Rack, Wall, Floor 14'W x 22"W x 4"D 8 lbs. DISCONTINUED

Single Snake Tray 201 SeriesSingle Snake Tray 201 Series
The 201 Snake Tray is available in four sizes .The tray is a single pocket design that can accommodate up to 24 square inches of cable path equal to a 12” generic basket or ladder type tray or 250 cables .25” OD as per NEC Article 318-9(b)

Double Snake Tray 201 SeriesDouble Snake Tray 201 Series
The Double Snake 201 Series has a double packet design providing a natural separation for both voice data cables and fiber cables. The double Snake allows for 50 square inches of cable path holding up to 510 cables .25” OD as per NEC Article 318-9(b) both below raised floors or overhead mounted to walls or suspended from a ceiling.
501 Series Wall Snake Tray501 Series Wall Snake Tray
The 501 Series Wall Snake Tray is utilized for long linear installations where space is at a premium. Installers know the difficulty of using cable trays in tight spaces but the wall snake tray is the best solution because they are designed to allow the tray to be directly attached to a wall without the use of brackets . The tray uses integrated mounting rings located along the center spine of the tray. With these rings, no additional brackets or mounting hardware is required.
601 Series Ladder Snake601 Series Ladder Snake
The new 601 Series of cable trays called Ladder Snake™ is especially designed for ladder racks. Ladder Snake ™ instantly bends by hand without any cutting or clipping to ensure a smooth transition from one ladder rack to another. You just snap Ladder Snake ™601 onto a new ladder to instantly gain greater cable capacity. You can also snap Ladder Snake (TN) 601 HP (half the depth of CM-601-12-8) onto an existing ladder rack to bridge over the existing cable plant to create a new second tier cable path.
Snake Tray® Snake Air™ Data Center Airflow ManageSnake Tray® Snake Air™ Data Center Airflow Manage
The Snake Air blocks the cool air inside the room and does not allow escaping underneath the raised floor preventing equipment overheating all while still allowing cable access.

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