Millepede™ Mille-Anchors™

cable-tie-anchor-applicationSay you have a cable bundle to route along the surface of a wall. Say that the wall just happens to be made out of unsealed brick or aerated concrete. Say that the adhesive cable tie mounts you had stashed in your tool kit for just such an occasion refuse to stick. Say… a few really bad words.

No, wait, I take that back. Hold on to the profanity, and save it for a more worthwhile situation – one that there isn’t actually a solution for. Because there’s a really quick fix for the little cable tie mount/brick wall incompatibility problem you’re having right now. And it’s called the Mille-Anchor™ Cable Tie Anchoring System, by Millepede™.

Because of the rough and porous texture of brick and concrete, it’s pretty tough to mount anything to these materials with adhesive, because, simply put, it just won’t stick. But Mille-Anchors™ surmounts this annoying little detail by going straight through that uncooperative surface and driving the cable tie mounts right into the wall.

Don’t let this put you off, though, because unlike drywall anchors, you don’t have to pre-drill before you can use Mille-Anchors™ – they hammer right in, no power tools required. And once they’re in, they’re incredibly low-profile, so when your cable bundles are lashed onto them, the cables won’t jut out extra far from the wall. Nice design feature. And they’re very resistant to pulling out, so once they’re in place, they’ll stay there until you deliberately remove them.


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