limited time only... Buy 50ft of CAT5e Cable for only $10.00


I just recently returned from Iraq and found out that the people at have built a PC for me and you have donated a cable sleeving. I would like to thank you personally for...

J. Darnell

I am very pleased with my "The Core Headphone Cord Managers", and my Cablefish. I had two orders both shiped fast and I even got a "The Core Headphone Cord Manager" with each order....

William P. - Pryor (Oklahoma)

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A Little Bit About Us

We live for the look on a person's face when we tell them we’re into "cable management". Even though it's essential to nearly every industry known to man, not too many people realize it’s a "thing". It kind of makes you wonder how a company like this could grow from a 2-employees-in-a-garage gig to a 50 employee operation out of a 38,500 square foot facility. The answer is simple: We gave the people what they wanted!

Everything we've done, we've done for you (our customers). You came to us for cable management, but you didn't want to get your wiring, cable organizers, electrical boxes and racks in a million different places, so we just started carrying everything you asked for. And here we are, 102,000 products & 500,000 customers later, providing even better customer service than we did when we were just 2 people selling 3 products.

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