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DO-MAX Single

Yellow Jacket® DO-Max™ Single Channel Cord Protector
Yellow Jacket’s DO-Max™ lightweight, heavy duty cord covers are versatile enough to be used in most interior and exterior environments and applications.


DO-Max™ Drop Over Cable Protector
To protect pipes mounted to the ground, or other temporary, medium-duty protection needs, the Bumble Bee® Dropover is made of standard polyurethane and can protect any pipe, hose or cable from above. The extra wide two channels allow for maximum flexibility in both the number of cables and sizes.

Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee® Cable Protector
If you are looking for a lighter duty 5 channel cable protector, the Bumble Bee® may be right for you. The Bumble Bee® is designed for low-volume foot traffic and works well in indoor environments, such as conventions and special events. They can sustain a 10,500 lbs load.

Yellow Jacket 5 Channel

Yellow Jacket® 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Channel Cable Protector
If you are looking for a heavy duty cable protector with high abrasion and traffic resistance, the Yellow Jacket® may be right for you. Heavier than the Bumble Bee®, the distinctive Yellow Jacket® is easy to set up and tear down, and provides high performance cord cover for cables and hoses.

Yellow Jacket AMS

Yellow Jacket® AMS
Yellow Jacket® AMS is an advanced modular system that is designed to change and grow with your cable management needs. This modular system allows you to protect anywhere from 5 to 50 additional cables or hoses. Center sections can be added or removed to suit your changing needs. Each change expands or condenses the space needed for your cables.

Yellow Jacket WASP AMS

Yellow Jacket® WASP AMS
The WASP AMS is an innovative ramp system that allows expansion for extra wide ramps. The highly stable system locks together using Hipersnap and eliminates the necessity for side rails.

Bumble Bee General Manufacturing

Bumble Bee® GM (General Manufacturing)
The Bumble Bee GM is a great solution for plants or manufacturing facilities. The bright yellow color and black lid also help to make it more visible for use in such an environment. Even the 24" width is ideal for the space provided in a manufacturing plant. Up to 30,000 lbs per axle load bearing (in testing)

Low Profile Bumble Bee Cord Cover

Bumble Bee® Low Profile Cord Protector
These low-profile industrial cord covers protect cables from vehicle and pedestrian traffic, but cost only as much as medium and light duty cord covers.

Guard Dog, Yellow Jacket ADA compliant cord protectors

Guard Dog® & Yellow Jacket® ADA Compliant Cord Covers
Perfect for applications where only short runs of ADA-compliant cable protection are needed, these 18" heavy duty cable protectors are easy to handle and store, and mix seamlessly with other Guard Dog® and Yellow Jacket® cord covers.


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