Surge Suppressors

Surge Supressor

Home Theater, Ethernet & Audio Power Surge Suppressor
Tripp Lite Surge Protectors offer reliable, state of the art protection for any application. Equipped with 8 or 10 outlets, child safety covers and an 8 or 10 foot cord with space-saving right angle plugs.

BC Personal UPS

BC Personal UPS
The BC Personal UPS Systems offer complete protection against all types of power problems, including brownouts, blackouts, surges and line noise.

ECO Series UPS

Energy Savings ECO Series UPS System
Energy Ssaving Products Provide a 99% energy efficient battery charging system. The ECO series creates very little heat and has innovative UPS outlets with intelligent charging of the internal backup battery to further increase efficiency.

Tripp-Lite Protect It TLP series

Tripp-Lite PROTECT IT!® TLP Series 4, 6, and 7 Outlet Surge Protectors
Assorted adapters to accommodate all your power outlet needs: angled or awkward large plugs, fax, phone and modem ports.


ISOBAR Surge Suppressors
Provide superior protection to any of your home, office and theater systems. Isobar surge suppressors include isolated filter banks, sine wave tracking, phone-line surge suppression and fire-safe, all-metal housings.

AVR Series UPS

AVR Series UPS System
Ensures that valuable equipment is protected from surges and line noise; and allows you to continue operating during a brownout, buying you time to save data and power down equipment in the event of a blackout.


Smart USB UPS Systems
Tripp Lite Smart USB UPS Systems are line interactive and offer voltage regulation, battery support, plus complete AC and dialup/DSL modem line surge suppression. These UPS systems are ideal for protection against all power issues such as power outages, brownouts, and more.

Digital UPS

Digital UPS Systems
UPS backup power during a blackout, brownout, surge or other unexpected electrical event. With the combination of a microcontroller unit (MCU) and digital signal processor (DSP) in a single chip, these digital UPS's allow higher performing power protection at a much lower cost.

Omni Smart UPS

Omni Smart UPS Systems
These UPS Systems have workstation optimized features which include USB port and telephone and DSL line surge suppression, voltage regulation, and long-lasting battery support.

Omni Vs Series

Omni VS Series UPS Systems
The Omni VS series UPS is perfect for entry-level PCs, networked workstations, point-of-sale equipment, small business phone systems, audio/video equipment and home theater systems.

BC Professional

BC Professional UPS
These uninterrupted power systems, for desktop applications are available in a wide variety of protection capabilities to protect every size computer from the potentially catastrophic effects of power problems.

Commercial Grade OmniSmart UPS

Commercial Grade OmniSmart UPS Systems
This UPS system is ideal for POS systems such as cash registers and kiosks as well as computer labs and other climate-controlled locations.

Medical Grade UPS

Medical Grade UPS Systems
These medical grade ups systems can eliminate disruptions and damage to sensitive equipment and make your power sources more reliable.

Tripp Lite ECO650LCD in use

ECO-UPS System with LCD Screen
Green Product Equipped with a built-in LCD display and unique right-angled outlets that make it easy to accommodate bulky plugs and adapters, this energy-saving unit automatically cuts power to unused devices, while providing battery backup support during outages.

Tripp-Lite 4-Outlet Hospital Grade Surge Suppressor

4-Outlet Hospital Grade Surge Suppressor
Ideal for use in hospital rooms, doctors' offices and other patient care areas, this rugged surge suppressor stands up to demanding medical environments to prevent power surge damage to vital healthcare equipment.

Tripp Lite 12-outlets surge suppressor

PROTECT IT!® Series 12-Outlet Surge Suppressor
Ideal for use in home theaters and small businesses, this surge protector features 12 widely-spaces outlets that protect sensitive components from power spikes and are equipped with sliding safety covers to block out dirt, dust and unwanted objects.

tripp-lite touchmaster and design under monitor surge protector

Tripp-Lite Touchmaster & Design™ Under Monitor Surge Suppressor
The Touchmaster & Design Under Desk Surge Protector by Tripp-Lite brings the ultimate in power convenience to your workstation. Place your monitor on top of the unit, plug in your tower, monitors, and other devices, run only one cable to the outlet, and you're good to go!

clamp on surge protector for desk

Tripp-Lite® Desk Mount Clamp-on Surge Protector
Clamp this surge protective power strip onto your workstation for a huge boost in convenience.

application of surge sprotection with timer

Tripp-Lite® 1-Outlet Surge Protector with Timer
This 1-outlet surge protector has a timer that helps extend the service life of your electronics while saving you energy and money.

Power Inverters


Compact PowerVerter PV150
A compact inverter with 12V DC input and 1 outlet, 300 Watts peak output, and 150 Watts continuous output. Also features an Auto-shutoff feature, a 3 ft power cord, and plugs right into your car's power outlet.


Compact PowerVerter PV375
A compact inverter with 12V DC input and 2 outlets, 600 Watts peak output, and 375 Watts continuous output. Also features an Auto-shutoff feature, a 3 ft power cord, and a replaceable fuse to protect against overload.

Ethernet / KVM Switches

pdu and rj45 combonation switch

Tripp-Lite® PDU & Unmanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Make the most of your rack space with this high performance PDU and Ethernet switch combo. Choose between 2 versions to accommodate your power/data connection needs.

PS/2 KVM Switch

4-Port Desktop KVM Switch (PS/2)
Controls 4 computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. The 4-port KVM switch changes computers easily with a hot key combination on the keyboard, or by the selector switch.

8-Port KVM Switch

8-Port 1U Rackmount KVM Switch
Controls up to 8 computers from one keyboard, mouse and monitor. Multiple KVM switches can be daisy-chained together in order to control up to 512 computers.

Tripp Lite 4-port Switch

4-Port USB KVM Desktop Switch
Designed to control up to 4 computers with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse setup, this plug-and-play KVM switch works with any USB-equipped computer, and can be operated via the pushbuttons built into the unit, or keyboard hot-button commands.

8 Port 1U Rackmount Console KVM Switch

NetDirector™ 8-Port 1U Rackmount Console KVM Switch with 17" LCD
With an 8-port KVM switch, keyboard, 17" LCD monitor and touchpad, this console contains everything you need to control multiple computers from a single workstation.


Open Frame SmartRack

SmartRack™ Open Frame Racks
This series is excellent when you need high performance, economy minded solutions for high-density server and networking applications in the information technology field.

SmartRack Enclosures

SmartRack™ Premium Enclosures
These enclosures were created specifically for secure, high density server and networking applications with features that allow the integration of cooling, power distribution and cable management.


Tripp-Lite SMARTRACK™ Self-Contained Portable Air Conditioning Unit
Uniquely designed to cool down 500 sq. ft. rooms full of heat emitting equipment while maintaining a simple installation and operation, this self-contained AC Unit is a great plug-and-play addition to your cooling needs.



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