TRC user attachable

ShockShield® GFCI & ELCI User In-Line Attachable & Plugs
This line of protective add-ons is particularly easy to integrate with existing electrical cable runs; depending on your personal preference or the amount of room available at the receptacle, you can either remove the male connector, or insert an In-Line protector.

GFCI Cords

ShockShield® GFCI Protected Cords
TRC® ShockShield® GFCI extension wires feature built-in GFCI protection and expand up to 100 feet in length; this is a safety feature for your workplace that can avoid injury to your employees as well as costly equipment damage. These GFCI protected extension cords are sure to be considered a priority investment for your business or personal use.

TRC QuadBoxes

ShockShield® GFCI Quad Box Receptacles
TRC® ShockShield® GFCI Quad Box Receptacles are constructed to be used under rough circumstances in construction sites and many other outdoor applications. Made from long lasting polymer, one of the main traits is the GFCI protection to the cord as well as the 4 outlets. With their convenient outdoor rating, these outlets are by far the safest way to go about distributing electricity needed at a jobsite or home application.



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