Sidewalk Sleever® Pipe Installation Tool

The Best New Tool and Method for Pipe Installation

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What's special about this pipe installer?

  • Allows installation of PVC pipes and cables under pavers, riverbeds, or any stabilized surface
  • No hole carving avoids collapse, or sinking of the soil or pavement during installation
  • Perfect for pipe installations under obstructions without the need for water, hoses, nozzles, fittings or creating a mess
  • Durable steel design permits installing without having to dig up or destroy sections of concrete
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Sidewalk Sleever® was invented by a landscape/irrigation company that understands the demands of an everyday job site. What used to consume about a half-day’s worth of work now takes about 1 minute with this fabulous tool.

UPI-SS-7240-4 1" dia. x 72" length 16 lbs 4 DISCONTINUED
UPI-SS-9640-4 1" dia. x 96" length 21 lbs 4 DISCONTINUED

Pipe installation has never been so quick and easy, this method has revolutionized many industries such as: irrigation installers, landscapers, lighting installers, plumbers, electricians, cable TV installers, municipalities, and even homeowners.

  • Various sizes available to fit your application
  • One step installation saves time for an overall labor savings
  • Patented design (US Patent #’s 1433.001, 1433.006, & 1433.007)
  • Steps on how to use Sidewalk Sleever®


SS-7240 72" 1" Installs 1" PVC (class and sch.40) Electrical Conduit 16 lbs
SS-9640 96" 1" Installs 1" PVC (class and sch.40) Electrical Conduit 21 lbs
Pipe and installation tool Inserting tool to a pipe Putting pipe under sidewalk
Step 1
Measure and cut your pipe accordingly with one end on the "pipe stop" head of the Sidewalk Sleever and the other end as far as the tapered to avoid dirt accumulation.
Step 2
Make sure Sidewalk Sleever is clean to avoid dirt which would make the extracting step difficult. Cut pipe and slide it onto the Sleever.
Step 3
Place the pipe and Sleever right underneath concrete or other surface and tap in a few inches. This allows the Sidewalk Sleever to hold itself making the installation easier.
Tapping the pipe Pipe showing thru other side Pulling tool out of pipe
Step 4
Use a 16lbs sledge hammer to push in the Sidewalk Sleever.
Step 5
Repeat until the tapered end shows up on the other side.
Step 6
When the tapered end appears on the other side, simply grab the head and pull the Sidewalk Sleever out, leaving the pipe installed.
Pipe installed under the sidewalk Pipes installed pipe with wires trhough
Step 7
Shows pipe installed in less than 2 minutes.
Step 8
Repeat steps for more quick installations.
Step 9
Pipe shown with wire-through feature.






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