Benefits Of A Surge Protector

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surge protector Have you ever wanted to plug multiple devices into surge protectors but found you don’t have enough room or surge protection devices to accommodate for all your devices? Well with the innovative SmartSocket® Tabletop Surge Protector you can now plug all your devices into one convenient area while providing optimal protection against surges.

Benefits Of The SmartSocket® Tabletop Surge Protector

Benefit #1 – More Plug Space: One of the first benefits of this cool looking surge protector is that is provides a stylish and circular design which promotes additional space for plugging in up to 6 devices at the same time.

Benefit #2 – High Voltage Protection: With its rating up to 1500 joules along with its 330V clamping voltage this surge protector is designed to promote ultimate protection of multiple media equipment and valuable computer devices. This protector can help you to save thousands of dollars and can help to prevent damage due to power surges.

Benefit #3 – Colour Outlets: Not only does this product allow for additional protection for multiple devices but it also promotes easy color-coding of your devices with its coloured outlets. It is perfect for assigning spaces for employees and is ideal for identifying and labelling certain cabling.

Benefit #4 – Filtration: When multiple devices are connected with each other there is nothing worse than the interfere that is related to power loss. This surge protector is capable of providing EMI and RFI noise filtration which can help with eliminating power loss interference and interference with inconsistent connectivity.

Benefit #5 – Warning Alarms: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better this surge protector warns you when a power loss occurs. Inbuilt with an audible alarm it can warn you quickly when you’re connected devices may be compromised.

So if you need a high quality surge protector which can easily handle most of your devices while protecting them from surges then why not take a look at the SmartSockets® Surge Protector to give your workspace a professional and user friendly appearance.



8-Outlet Swivel Surge Protector: These Outlets Twist So You Don’t Want to Shout

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Ever plug a bunch of stuff into a surge protector and end up one measly outlet short because a couple of the fatter plugs were taking up more than their fair share of space and blocking a technically “free” receptacle? Curses! What are you supposed to do, go out and buy a whole other UPS to accommodate one stupid plug?

Actually, no – just use a 360 Electrical® Swivel Surge Protector to begin with, and you won’t end up in that low and frustrating place.

The entire idea behind the Swivel Surge Protector is that each of its 8 outlets can be strategically positioned in such a way that they can all be used at once, no matter how big neighboring plugs may be. If what you’ll be plugging into Outlet A is bulky enough to impede on Outlet B’s usable real estate, just dial Outlet A forward or backward to the point where everything will fit, and then plug in. It reminds me of one of those multi-digit combination locks, where you independently turn each successive dial to the number you need… except that there’s no set combination (just make things up as you go along), and it’s more for powering electronics than guarding your gym gear or bike. But stylistically… similar.

In addition to its shape-shifting capabilities, the Swivel Surge Protector guards your sensitive computer or home theater equipment from potentially damaging power surges, has integrated cable clips to keep things both safe and organized, and is UL listed in the US and Canada. Looks like someone thought things out! I like it… I like it a lot.

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Powramid™ Surge Protector

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powramid-mainJust when you thought they couldn’t invent a surge protector in another shape. First came block-style surge suppressors, the kind that most of us have under our desks. Then came the round tabletop version for conference rooms. And believe it or not, there’s even one out there that looks like a squid. But up until now, there haven’t been any pyramids -at least not that I know of. But I found one! Meet the uniquely conical Powramid™, a 6-outlet surge protected PDU that gives you 360° power. Because it provides receptacles that face in all directions, it’s perfect for use on conference tables, or for any other situation in which you have a group of people who need to plug multiple devices into a central power source.

The Powramid’s™ design benefits don’t end with 360° power availability, though. It just so happens that it’s a lot easier to fit bulky plugs, adapters, and transformers into outlets that are configured like a pyramid. When you plug fat adapters into regular power strips or surge protectors that have their outlets placed side by side, you can run into a little problem: wasted outlets. Extra-wide adapters have a tendency to creep over the borders of the outlets that they’re plugged into and invade the space of neighboring receptacles, making them unusable for other devices. Call me crazy, but I think that if you pay for a certain number of outlets, you should be able to use them all.

The Powramid™ is crowned with a power switch that lights up when the unit is running, and allows you to switch the whole thing off when none of the devices plugged into it are being used. The switch is also covered with a removable plastic dome that prevents you from accidentally shutting the surge suppressor down while it’s in use.

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