Benefits Of Using Desk Cable Holders

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cable holdersWhether it’s your office desk at home or at work there is generally one thing that is common with both setups, and that is messy cables from computers, printers and other devices that you may have sitting on your desk. If you are struggling with the clutter of unruly cables and you need a simple solution, then you may just need a desk cable holder. Here are just some of the benefits of using a desk cable holder for your work or home office needs.

Hold Cables With Cable Holders

Organization: One of the great things about these cable holders is that they provide a simple way to organize your cables at the back of your desk. Because of their unique design you can easily place individual cords in each separate section or hole to separate them from one another making for a much neater method of installing and replacing cables that may be damaged or non-working.

Easy Installation: Another thing that these cable holders are beneficial for is their extremely easy installation process. These cable holders are great for mounting onto the back, top or the underneath of the desk by screws or adhesive strips. This allows for you to have it in position and ready to use in a matter of seconds.

Easy Cable Identification: Using cable holders for computer and printer cables can also come in handy when you need to pull out or find one specific cable. In normal messy cable bundles you may find you are searching and following the cable right to the source of both devices when wanting to replace one, this can waste time. Cable holders have the cables separated for you, allowing for easy cable identification where you can just pick out the cable straight away.

Holds Cables Firmly: Lastly the best thing about cable holders is that they hold cables from falling behind the computer desk when unplugged. They have saved many hours of trying to bend or twist to get the fallen cables while also helping to save backs from having to move heavy office desks.

So next time you have problems with messy or falling computer or any other device cables, why not install a cable holder onto the back of your desk and save your back and your time from unruly and messy cabling.

The Benefits Of A Reel Holder In Cable Applications

reel holderHave you ever been on a job site and had trouble with unwinding your cable or wire reel to find that it just tangles and your job takes twice as long? Well if you have ever been in this situation then you may just need the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder.

What Is the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder

The LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder is a specially designed holder which is ideal for holding and unwinding your cable reels in a convenient and productive manner which can help save you time and money on the job site.

The Benefit of the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder

Benefit #1 – Portable: Because of its compact and easy to assemble and disassemble design, this reel holder is capable of providing high portability for a variety of different applications. This reel holder is lightweight and can easily be carried from one location to another with ease.

Benefit #2 – Construction: To make things even better, this portable cable reel holder is also able to provide high supporting capabilities with its high strength construction. This cable holder is designed to hold up to 300lbs and is constructed with high strength tempered steel which allows for it to last under demanding and challenging applications.

Benefit #3 – Scratch Resistant Feet: Not only does this reel holder provide a convenient and compact size, it can also be used on a variety of surfaces with its anti-slip rubber feet. This helps to keep it from sliding and slipping when in use and provides a safer method of unwinding cables without scratching the floor in any way.

So if you need a way to hold your reels for easy unwinding of cables then why not try the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder and notice the difference with how fast you can complete your job. Great for all sorts of small cable applications, this reel holder will definitely make your wire and cable installation much faster and easier.


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Keep-a-Cable Cord Anchor

keep-a-cableFour short years ago, I had no idea what “cable management” was, or the types of products it entailed. But ever since I got into this business, I’ve turned into a complete organization geek who actually gets excited whenever the newest, shiniest wire organizer comes my way. It’s pretty amazing that people are still coming up with new ways to tame messy cords, because it’s seemingly all been done. I’ve used cord organizers that looked like a turtle’s shell, a yoyo, a spine (believe it or not), and cartoony zoo animals. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why all of the weird and whimsical designs? Because cable management is boring. Boring but necessary. Yet the necessity of it all becomes a little less mundane if you can use products that add fun and novelty to practicality. Heck, that’s what keeps my attention. Keep thinking of ways to make cable management interesting, and you’ll keep me on the line.

But what if you’re a regular non-geek who doesn’t need to be amused by their wire management devices? What if you just want something that will keep your computer cables in line, and prevent them from falling behind your desk when you unplug them? In that case, I’d fast-forward right past the cord winders and wire-hiders, and bring you to a screeching halt right in front of the Keep-a-Cable. This cord anchoring system is cheap, simple, and pretty much as no-frills as they come, but you know what? It works.

Here’s how: The Keep-a-Cable is basically a flat, flexible piece of plastic that has peel and stick adhesive on one side, and cable slots on the other. You just peel off the backing, adhere the Keep-a-Cable to the back of your desk (behind your computer), and then pop your cables into the slots (you can see a live-action video demonstration of this here). These slots are wide enough so that the cables can move freely, but narrow enough so that connectors can’t slip through and fall to the floor. When you need to plug a peripheral into your computer, you can just reach to the back of your desk and grab the corresponding cable, instead of crawling around on the floor to find it. Then, when you’re done, you just unplug and leave the cord resting in the Keep-a-Cable, ready to go for next time.

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Cable Caddy

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cable-caddy-sIt seems to be one of the Laws of the Universe that if you leave a disconnected cable lying on your desktop, it will pretty much stay put until you reach for it. At that point, it will start to slip away, eluding your outstretched hand by only an inch or so. That is, until it reaches the very edge of your desk, at which point it will plunge into oblivion just a fraction of a second before your fingers can grab it. Sigh.

Then comes retrieval. Crawling beneath your workstation isn’t at the top of most people’s “to-do” lists in the first place, but it becomes even more of a chore if the area under your desk has the typical pile of computer and peripheral cords mixed with the occasional dustball. Now, you get to sort through the mess and find the right cable, maneuver it back up to your desktop, and then plug it in fast before you risk having to go through the whole ridiculous slapstick routine all over again.

If you can think of better ways to use your time than chasing after loose cable ends, then you may want to make friends with the Cable Caddy, a cool little desktop cord organizer that hides behind your computer to neatly route USB and other peripheral cables while they’re plugged in, and holds them securely in place when they’re unplugged.

The Cable Caddy comes with adhesive strips and a desk clamp, which let you affix it to your desk so it doesn’t jump overboard with your cables. Wondering how it keeps a grip on cords? The Cable Caddy has 5 narrow channels that are big enough to let cables move freely through them, but still narrow enough to catch onto connectors and keep them from sliding away. You’ll never have to grope around for MP3, cell phone charger or printer cables ever again.

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