Lutron Vierti™ Single Touch Light Dimmers

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vierti-light-dimmer_appThese days dimmers aren’t just cool, they’re all the rage. With the way everyone is “going green” while trying to max out on home automation and design details, you pretty much have to catch the dimmer wave if you want your home or office remodel to be truly up-to-date. And really, the renewed push on light dimmers isn’t such a bad trend to be in the midst of; after all, these sliding switches can help you customize the mood in any room of your house, and also go a long way toward cutting down on energy costs and lengthening the life of lightbulbs. As a matter of fact, during a recent training session with our Lutron rep, I learned that a 10% reduction in a room’s light level is barely perceptible to the human eye, yet can actually double the lifespan of a lamp or lightbulb. Not too shabby.

So naturally, this is going to roll around to a product – and judging by the fact that I just mentioned Lutron, you’ve probably already guessed that this is a Lutron dimmer. You got me there. We began carrying a bunch of different (and, may I also add, designer) Lutron light dimmers, but I think I’ve found my favorite. The Vierti™ Single Touch Dimmer. This high-tech little number is a far cry from the older, round knob-style dimmers that many of us still have in our homes. As a matter of fact, there’s nothing resembling a knob on it – instead, you adjust the dimmer by just sliding your finger up and down a vertical LED bar! Kind of like using an incredibly responsive touch screen instead of pounding away at a keyboard. Sounds a little fun, doesn’t it?

In addition to looking great and being incredibly easy to use, the Vierti™ has a few very unique features, including a function that allows you to create your own “maximum” lighting level (say, 85% instead of 100%), and dimmer position saver that lets you see the level that the dimmer was last set at, even when it’s turned off.

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