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Get a complete flooring system with power and data outlets all kept under a raised floor system! For a complete Powerflor Project, answer Questions 1-10; for single panels answer Questions 1-4 only.


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    2. What is the square footage of your entire job? * square feet
    3. How many Duplex Data/Communication Outlets will you need? *
    4. How many Duplex Electrical Outlets will you need? *
    5. What is the standard output of the outlets? (eg 110V)
    6. What kind of building is this in? Residential
    Single Story
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    7. What is the approximate load (if any) that the floor has to accommodate? lbs
    8. Would you want a full Powerflor installation crew to travel to the job site, or have your workers supervised by a Powerflor expert? Full Crew
    Supervised Expert
    9. Are there any elevation changes in the rooms? Yes No

    If so, what is the height?
    10. What time from are you looking to complete this project, including installation?

    Please attach a diagram and be as detailed as possible regarding access points, location of your computers, phones, and any other relevant information. you may also want to include the following in your diagram:

    1. How many door access points the room has? Where are they located?
    2. Where do you power outlets located and where are they being powered from [We need their location so we can provide the proper length of interconnecting cabling assemblies.]
    3. Where do you want data outlets and where are they being served from?
    4. Where would you want the railings placed?
    5. How many 18" x 18" Standard Panels do you need?
    6. What is the perimeter of the raised floor?

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    If you have any comments, specifications or other important information that is not on the image you upload that pertains to the job, please enter it below
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