Watt Meter / Energy Cost Meter

Kill A Watt

Kill A Watt™ Electricity Meter
Energy Saving ProductThe Kill A Watt™ electricity power monitor is an economical and simple tool to assess the efficiency of your electric appliances. Just plug any 115 Volt AC (maximum 15 Amp) electric appliance into the Kill A Watt™ meter and the large LCD display shows the power consumption of the appliance by kilowatt-hours.

Kill A Watt EZ

P4460 Kill A Watt™ EZ Electricity Usage Monitor
Energy Saving Product The Kill a Watt EZ will actually allow you to determine which machines are actually worth keeping in use. Simply plug the Kill A Watt EZ into an outlet and then your appliances into the Kill a Watt EZ and the results will display on the large easy to read screen

Electrical Watt Meter

Watts up?™ Electrical Watt Meter
Energy Saving ProductThe Watt Meter is a user friendly and convenient way to monitor and project energy costs. The Watts Meter will tell you the energy operating cost of any device. Use the Watts up?™ to quickly identify problems, measure line voltage, & diagnose voltage drop or loading problems.

Blue Line PoweCost Monitor

Blue Line Innovations BLI-28000 PowerCost Monitor
Energy Saving ProductBlue Line Innovations has created a wireless energy monitor for your home: the PowerCost Monitor. It can tell you how much electricity your home is using from moment-to-moment and the amount you are spending on your monthly bill. Using the PowerCost Monitor has shown to help those that use it reduce electricity related expenses by up to 20%.

Kill A Watt  PS Power Strip

Kill A Watt™ PS - Electricity Usage Monitoring Power Strip
Energy Saving ProductProtect your valuable electronic equipment and appliances with this innovative power strip/ electronic measuring device. In addition to protecting them, this strip will actually measure how efficient they are.

Smart Circuit Watt Meter

Smart Circuit 20 Electricity Watt Meter and Controller
Energy Saving Product Ideal for monitoring home or business power consumption while you're on the road, this hardwired meter lets you view usage data and turn appliances on and off via the Internet.


BK Precision® AC Line Separator and Voltage
Energy Saving ProductDesigned to isolate electrical conductors so that they can be more accurately tested with a multimeter, this line separator is also capable of measuring surge currents and monitoring a device’s power consumption.

Watt Meter

Watts Up? .Net Electricity Watt Meter
Allows user to monitor watt usage and consumption cost of residential and commercial appliances and devices. Reduce your monthly electric bill with the .Net active energy savings feature, which allows you to limit power consumption during specific times


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