Pelican HeadsUp Lite™ 2620NVG

Keep Your Hands Free With This Head Light

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What's special about this flashlight?

  • Special lens alters the color spectrum for a more detailed view
  • Choose from a Xenon lamp for intense bright light or 3 LEDs to conserve battery life
  • Perfect hands-free operation for construction, camping, utility workers, or home owners who lose power
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ETL Listed

With the option of intense bright light or battery saving LEDs, this HeadsUp flashlight is perfect for any situation where both hands are needed for safety


PEL-2620C HeadsUp Lite™ 2620NVG (carded) Black
  • Multi-angle, pivoting head allows you to direct the light where it's needed
  • Rubber strap is included for hard hat use, so the flashlight will not slip in wet environments
  • An adjustable cloth strap (included) for bare-head applications like camping, hiking or jogging
  • 3 AAA Alkaline batteries included, so you can use the flashlight right out of the box
  • Great for spelunking, power outages, hurricane season or nighttime walks
  • Made in the USA USA


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Part # PEL-2620C
Light Source Xenon (high) LED (low)
Tested Lumen Value 1.0 (low) 2.0 (high)
Tested Lux Value (@ 1 meter)
Batteries 3 AAA Alkaline (included)
Battery Run Time 80 hours (low) 3 hours (high)
Battery Pack/Charging Time N/A
Watts 0.405 (low) 1.53 (high)
Voltage 4.5
Length 2.16" [5.5cm]
Weight (w/ batteries) 4.8 oz [0.14 kg]
Weight (w/o batteries) 3.5 oz [0.1 kg]
CE Ex Approval II 3 G EEx nL IIC T3X
Certificate: TRL Report#XU1006/4804
ETL Listed Class I, Div 1, Gp C, D, T3C Conforms to STD UL783
National Stocking # (NSN) 6230015081498

This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.






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