Pan-Steel Polyester Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Fully Coated Ties For Extreme Conditions

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What's special about these stainless steel zip ties?

  • Polyester coated for prevention of corrosion between metals that are dissimilar
  • Smooth, rounded edges and polyester coating contribute to the safety of the installer
  • RoHS CompliantConstructed of AISI 316 Stainless Steel for use in the most corrosive environments
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Panduit's PAN-STEEL Stainless Steel Fully Coated Cable Ties combine the strength of steel and the protection of a polyester coating for a long term bundling solution. These standard, heavy, extra-heavy and super-heavy ties provide a durable solution to bundling and fastening in harsh conditions. Not only are these ties great for environments where corrosion and temperature extremes are a concern, they are ideal for vibration, UV radiation, and salt spray.



PAN-MLTFC2S-CP316 7.9" (201mm) 2.0" (51mm) 100 lbs 100 0.82 lbs
PAN-MLTFC4S-CP316 14.3" (362mm) 4.0" (102mm) 100 lbs 100 1.18 lbs
PAN-MLTFC6S-CP316 20.5" (521mm) 6.0" (152mm) 100 lbs 100 1.55 lbs
PAN-MLTFC8S-CP316 26.8" (679mm) 8.0" (203mm) 100 lbs 100 1.92 lbs
Heavy Duty
PAN-MLTFC2H-LP316 7.9" (201mm) 2.0" (51mm) 250 lbs 50 0.59 lbs
PAN-MLTFC4H-LP316 14.3" (362mm) 4.0" (102mm) 250 lbs 50 0.91 lbs
PAN-MLTFC6H-LP316 20.5" (521mm) 6.0" (152mm) 250 lbs 50 1.24 lbs
PAN-MLTFC8H-LP316 26.8" (679mm) 8.0" (203mm) 250 lbs 50 1.55 lbs
Extra Heavy Duty
PAN-MLTFC2EH-LP316 11.8" (300mm) 2.0" (51mm) 300 lbs 50 1.49 lbs
PAN-MLTFC4EH-LP316 17.1" (434mm) 4.0" (102mm) 300 lbs 50 1.83 lbs
PAN-MLTFC6EH-LP316 23.4" (594mm) 6.0" (152mm) 300 lbs 50 2.38 lbs
PAN-MLTFC8EH-LP316 29.7" (754mm) 8.0" (203mm) 300 lbs 50 2.91 lbs
Super Heavy Duty
PAN-MLTFC4SH-LP316 17.1" (434mm) 4.0" (102mm) 450 lbs 50 4.34 lbs
PAN-MLTFC6SH-LP316 23.4" (594mm) 6.0 (152mm) 450 lbs 50 5.30 lbs
PAN-MLTFC8SH-LP316 29.7" (754mm) 8.0" (203mm) 450 lbs 50 6.25 lbs
  • Available in 4 widths (standard, heavy, extra-heavy and super-heavy cross sections) to suit just about any application
  • Can withstand temperatures between -40°F (-40°C) to 302°F (150°C)
  • Coating material is UV resistant as well as low smoke and halogen free
  • Ideal for use in environments where vibration is a concern
  • Can be used for the following applications and environments:
    • Indoor
    • Outdoor
    • Marine
    • UV Radiation
    • Weathering
    • Corrosion
    • Vibration
  • Self locking head locks into place at any point along the coated tie body
  • Meets UL94V-2 standards for flammability
  • Tensile strength of 450lbs for durability
  • Conforms to SAE AS23190/3 standards


Dimensions Standard - PDF PDF
Heavy - PDF PDF
Extra Heavy - PDF PDF
Super Heavy - PDF PDF
Material: Type 316 stainless steel
Temperature range: -40°F (-40°C) to 302°F (150°C)
Water absorption: none
Flammability: non-flammable
Ultraviolet resistance: excellent
Chemical resistance: excellent
Radiation resistance: 2 x 108 rads
Loop tensile strength range: 200
Specifications: Standard AS23190/3 (formerly MIL-B-23190)
Warranty: Estimated outdoor service life of 40 years


Material Specifications Data Sheet

E=Excellent, S=Satisfactory, F=Fair, AQ C.S.=Aqueous Cold Saturated, All = % Concentrations

E Cider .   E Methyl Alcohol 100   E Sodium Bisulfate 10
E Diochloroethane 100 E Methyl Chloride 100 E Sodium Borate All
E Diethyl Ether 100 E Methyl Ethyl Ketone 100 E Sodium Carbonate 5
E Ethyl Alcohol 100 E Naphtha 100 E Sodium Chlorate 25
E Ethyl Chloride 100 E Nitric Acid 30-70 E Sodium Chloride 2
E Ethyl Glycol 100 E Nitrous Acid 5 E Sodium Fluoride 5
S Ferric Hydroxide All E Oleic Acid 100 E Sodium Hydroxide 10
E Ferric Nitrate 10 E Oxalic Acid 10 E Sodium Hyposulfite AQ C.S.
E Ferrous Sulfate 10 E Paraffin 100 E Sodium Nitrate 5
E Fuel Oil 100 E Petroleum Ether 100 E Sodium Nitrite AQ C.S.
E Furfural 100 E Phenol 90 E Sodium Percholate 10
E Gallic Acid AQ C.S. E Phosphoric Acid 10 E Sodium Phosphate 5
E Gasoline 100 E Picric Acid 1 S Sodium Sulfate 5
E Glycerine 100 E Potassium Bromide AQ C.S. S Sodium Thiosulfate 5
E Hydrocyanic Acid All E Potassium Carbonate 1% . E Stearic Acid 100
E Hydrogen Peroxide 30 E Potassium Chlorate AQ C.S. E Sulfur 100
E Hydrogen Sulfide Dry E Potassium Dichromate 40 E Sulfur Dioxide All
F Idoform 100 E Potassium Ferrocyanide 25 E Sulfuric Acid 100
E Isopropyl Alcohol 100 E potassium Hydroxide 5 E Sulfuric Acid 5
. Jet Fuel 100 E potassium Iodide All E Tannic Acid 10
F Lactic Acid 100 E potassium Nitrate 50 E Tartaric Acid 50
F Lanolin 10 E Potassium Permanganate 5 E Tetrahydrofuran 100
F Lead Acetate 5 E Potassium Sulfate 5 E Toluene 100
E Magnesium Carbonate All E Potassium Sulfide AQ C.S. E Xylene 100
E Magnesium Chloride 10 F Propyl Alcohol 100 E Zinc Chloride 70
E Magnesium Nitrate All E Silver Nitrate 10 E Zinc Nitrate AQ C.S.
E Malic Acid AQ C.S. E Sodium Acetate 60 E Zinc Sulfate AQ C.S.
E Mercury 100 E Sodium Bicarbonate All E . .






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