Ideal Industries® SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV and Security Tester

A Versatile and Convenient Test Instrument for CCTV Installers

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What's special about this surveillance tester?

  • Provides 7 essential CCTV testing functions in a single unit for the most convenient installations
  • Allows a single person to test, aim, focus, and program cameras from a stationary location, saving time and manpower
  • Sharp, bright 2.5” (6.3 cm) LCD screen clearly displays diagnostics and pictures from cameras and signal test
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Installing security systems requires several test tools,  and the convenience of consolidation is always desirable. The SecuriTEST Pro CCTV Tester combines a UTP cable tester, CCTV PTZ Controller, PTZ Protocol Analyzer, CCTV Field Monitor, Video Signal Generator, and a Digital Multimeter. Not only is it more compact and convenient than purchasing each instrument separately, but the cost is significantly less.

ID-33-892 SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV/Security Tester Kit 1.6" D x 3.7" W x 6.7" H
(4.1 x 9.3 x 16.9 cm)
0.82 lb (371 g)

  • 6 main functions ensure you will not need another tester in the field:
    • UTP Cable Tester: Displays detailed information regarding the status of your cabling
    • CCTV PTZ Controller: Control a variety of Pan & Tilt dome cameras, allowing installers to test the PTZ at the job site
    • PTZ Protocol Analyzer: Analyzes PTZ command and displays the protocol code on its monitor
    • CCTV Field Monitor: Sets focus and direction of camera and finds video signal line loss
    • Video Signal Generator: Generates a full color test pattern for testing any piece of equipment
    • Digital Multimeter: A fully functional multimeter that incorporates an Amp meter, Ohmeter, Voltmeter, and Continuity Tester; modular test leads facilitate different leads for varying applications and easy user replacement
  • Compatible with over 20 PTZ protocols, tester is compatible with virtually any system you will encounter
  • Included neck strap keeps the unit close for frequent testing
  • Carrying case ensures the unit will be protected during transport and when not in use


Each SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV/Security Tester Kit Includes:

  • SecuriTEST/SecuriTEST PRO Handheld Tester
  • (6) AA Rechargeable Batteries
  • (1) Lithium Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter/charger (110-240V input)
  • 12V Auto Charger
  • 4ft (1.2 m) BNC video cable
  • DMM test leads
  • UTP cable terminator
  • Neck strap
  • Carrying Case


Property Value
Display 2.5" LCD
Functions PTZ Controller
Real Time PTZ Controller
Real Time PTZ Protocol Analyzer
PTZ Camera Programmer
Test Pattern Generator
Digital Multimeter
Input Voltage 12VDC +/- 10%, 1A
Signal Format NTSC or PAL
Video Levels 1Vpp, 140IRE
Baud Rates 2400-38400bps
Data Communications RS-422 or RS-485
Detects Straight/cross cables, opens, shorts, miswires
AC/DC Voltage Ranges 0-400V auto, 0.1mV resolution, Manual Selectable
AC/DC Current Ranges 4mA, 400mA, 10A, Manual Selectable
Resistance 40, 4k, 40k, 400k, 4M, 40M Ohm, Manual Selectable
Continuity Selectable tone
IEC Category Rating Cat I
400mA Input 250V, 800mA
10A Input Unfused
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions 1.6" D x 3.7" W x 6.7" H
(4.1 x 9.3 x 16.9 cm)
Weight with Batteries 0.82 lbs (371 g)
Battery Type 1 x 3.7V LiPo, 2000mAh
Charging Cycles @ 80% capacity >300
Charging Time 3.5 Hrs
Operating Time 5.5 Hrs
Supported Protocol Pelco D
Pelco P (Spectra)
Panasonic (WV-CS850)
Samsung Techwin (SPD-2500),
Samsung Electric (SCC-643),
Honeywell Korea (ScanDome II HSDN-251N)
Hitron (Fastrak II)
Kalatel ASCII (KTD-312)
Sungjin (SJ100SJ1000)
Wonwoo Supermacy (DS series)
Wonwoo Supermacy (WSJ series)
Wonwoo (DRX Protocolsame as D-max Protocol)
American Dynamics (AD RS-422)
Oriental Electronic (ORX-1000)
Dongwong (DV-SP360D - D-max)
Dongwong (DV-255RXC - D-max)
Dynacolor (DYC)
Toshiba (SJ-1000)
Hitachi (SJ-100)






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