Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillows

Reusable, Non-Toxic, Intumescent

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What's special about these barrier pillows?

  • Designed to lock and seal in place when exposed to fire, preventing the spread of flame and smoke
  • Up to 3-hour fire rating complies with ASTM E119 and UL263 for building construction materials
  • The easily compressed material provides quick and easy installation in tight spaces
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Nelson PLW™ Firestop Pillows are ideal for permanent firestopping in locations where changes in cabling or cabling pathways are frequent.  The compressible material allows you to easily install as many or as few as needed, and require no caulk or putty to hold them in place.


NFS-AA478 Small Nelson PLW Firestop Pillow 3" x 4" x 9.6" 0.5 lb
NFS-AA479 Large Nelson PLW Firestop Pillow 3" x 8" x 9.6" 1 lbs
  • Simple design is constructed of specially treated mineral fiber that is enclosed in a strong polyethylene bag
  • Non-toxic-emits no toxic or hazardous fumes
  • Reusable, making it ideal for maintaining the fire rated integrity of wall and floors in both temporary and permanent installations
  • Unlimited shelf life prevents your products from expiring prior to use
  • Easily penetrated, so cables or wires can be inserted without removing the PLW™
  • To ease installation in especially tight spaces, a cable pulling lubricant can be used


Ideal for use:

  • Steel and Aluminum Cable trays
  • Wire ways
  • Through wall applications
  • Temporary closures



Color Safety Orange
Asbestos Filler None
Solvents None
Hazardous Ingredients None
Activation Temperature Initial > 275°F (135°C)
k - Value 0.25 BTU in./hr. sq. ft. °F
Polyethylene Thickness 4 mils
Test Compliance ASTM E119 and UL263, Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
ASTM E814 and UL1479, Test method for through stop fire penetrations.
Approvals Underwriters Laboratories Inc., Fill, Void or Cavity Material (XHHW) and (XHHW7), Factory Mutual
Testing Data For specific test criteria, refer to the UL Fire Resistance Directory
Storage & Handling Nelson PLW™ should be stored in dry, covered locations at no greater temperature than 120° F
(49° C). There is no indication of shelf life limitations.
Limitations Nelson PLW™ should not be exposed to chemicals harmful to polyethylene. Service temperature shall not exceed 275ºF (135ºC).







Nelson Composite SheetsNelson Firestop CPS™ Composite Sheet
Perfect for protecting vital network equipment, this easy-to-install, 2-hour flame rated composite sheet blocks the spread of smoke and flame in through-wall cable penetrations.

NELSON Fire BricksNelson Firestop Bricks
From per 6 pack
Firestop Brick is ideal for applications where there might be a need to re-penetrate an area, and is easy to re-position. When the brick comes into contact with fire, the brick material expands within the opening, forming a solid char that prevents through-penetration of the fire for up to 2 hours.


NELSON Silicone SealantNelson Firestop CLK™ Sealant
Rated for up to 4 hours of fire protection, this ready to use silicone-based sealant remains flexible while blocking flame and smoke passage in through-stop penetrations.

Clear Cable LubricantAmerican Polywater® CLR Clear Cable Lubricant
This cleanly-formulated clear cable lubricant reduces installation friction to extend the life of your electrical and datacom cables, and is biodegradable and nontoxic.

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