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Keep the Music Playing with the Right Equipment

No matter what genre floats your boat, making music is always better when you have the right equipment to keep your gear organized and in good shape. Spend a lot of time in the studio? We can set you up with recording equipment racks, audio and instrument cables, cord covers to prevent tripping and cable damage, surge protection & UPS systems to make sure you're never without the power you need, and even pop filters to save valuable editing time. If going on tour to play gigs is more your thing, we've got you covered there as well, with travel racks and cases, onstage cable protectors, microphone and speaker cables, and wire managers to keep them organized between jobs.


Avoid Cable Hazard in a Studio Set

Tips for Keeping Your Recording Space Neat and Tidy

BY: Fernando Manitto

music cables, rolling equipment rack, Megaduct cable protector

Aw yes! The recording studio: a fabulous sound proof room where dreams and ideas come to life. Generally, these temples of creation are equipped with consoles, speakers, racked equipment, and a large assortment of cables. If we're being honest, there are cables everywhere! The racks are jam-packed with plug-ins, effect processors, modulators, and so much more I don't even know the names for. One thing to keep in mind is that every time a new artist comes by the studio, all of these connections and combinations of effects have to be made from scratch, as every artist is unique and therefore requires their own unique sound.

So how can we control this colossal mess of wires?

Start by labeling! There are plenty of label printers available for marking your cables. Or you could color code using heat shrink; that works too. The labeling can also be applied to the equipment itself… but honestly, if you don't already know what a piece of equipment is and what it does, you probably shouldn't be using it. A way to keep things organized is to make sure that after every session (no matter how late/early you're there) everything gets broken down and properly stored (use the interns). Rack cable management is also another great tool to keep wires tidy while in use during a recording session.

Inside the live room, things get a little trickier, as cable runs get longer and drummers will make your life miserable since every drum needs its own mic. Your best options here are floor cord covers, or even cable sleeving that can help reduce tripping hazards. We offer tons more products for all your cable management needs, so get creative and show us your creation.

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