Mohawk Cabling


LAN-Trak Outdoor CAT Cable

LAN-Trak Outside Plant Cable
From / 1000ft
OSP cables are superb for outdoor applications and allows you great moisture and UV protection. Suitable outdoor network locations for use include: parking lots; schools and trailers.

Mohawk RG11 Coax Cable

RG11 Dual and Quad Shielded Coax
From / 1000ft
Designed to support a wide range of digital video applications, including HDTV, this cable is available with your choice of dual or quad shields, to protect video signals from interference and degradation.

10 Gb Cat6A

Augmented Cat 6A UTP GigaLAN 10®
From / 1000 FT
Ideal for data centers, healthcare facilities, schools and financial centers, this Cat6a cable features an interior core separator to reduce crosstalk, and a smaller outer diameter to allow for higher-density cable runs.

MOHAWK Spectrum

Spectrum Low-Skew Twisted Pair Video Cable
Far thinner and more affordable than coax cable, this twisted-pair video cable allows signals to travel up to 2000 feet without degradation, and is easy for installers to use, as it's terminated with simple RJ45 connectors.



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