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Millepede Mille-Anchors

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these cable tie anchor?

  • Hammers easily into lightweight, aerated concrete block (ACC) with no pre-drilling required
  • Resilient construction and unique design provides superb pull out tolerance
  • Low-profile design keeps cables just above the surface for a cleaner, more organized look
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The Mille-Anchor™ from Millepede is a two part cable tie anchoring system designed to securely hold electrical trunking and/or cables close to hard surfaces, such as lightweight aerated concrete block or brick work. More

Easy to install, the Mille-Anchor provides professionals and handy individuals alike with a cost effective way to manage cables in hard to manage areas, while reassuring you that the cables will remain in place long after installation. With an electric drill, 1/4" drill bit, and a hammer, the Mille-Anchor can be installed into almost any hard surface that is capable of being drilled 1-3/4" deep.

  • Requires only a 1/4" wide x 1-3/4" deep pilot hole for installation in any normal or rendered block work material
  • Ideal for securing metal or plastic trunking to block work without requiring complicated installation methods or tools
  • Compatible with a large range of cable-ties, and works exceptionally well with the Mille-Tie, which fits perfectly in the anchor for simple and fast securing of cables or electrical conduit
  • Provides stronger and longer-lasting cable holding power compared to adhesive backed cable holders
  • Small and lightweight, these anchors easily store away in small compartments in tool bags or tool boxes, and can simply be put in your pocket when going to the job site


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Pilot Hole 7mm (1/4") diameter hole x 45mm (1-3/4") deep
Block Density 460kg/m3 70kg (32 lbs)
Block Density 620kg/m3 130kg (59 lbs)



MPCT-BK10-RS-12 Mille-Anchor for Cable Ties 0.19 lb 10 DISCONTINUED

This product has starred in our Product Showcase Blog! Click here to check it out.







standard mille-tie cable tieStandard Mille-Tie
Price per 100pk
Mille-Tie is an advanced cable management tool that is based upon the concept of a multi-purpose waste-free tie strip.

Vanco Quick Tye Stand OffVanco Quick Tye™ Stand Offs
From / pk
Available in screw-in and nail-in versions, these cable ties let you bundle and mount cables to studs with just one simple product.

cable tiesCable Ties
Price per 100pk
Cable ties are a secure, convenient and inexpensive way to handle your wire management. These nylon cable ties can not be reused, but because of their low price this is hardly ever an issue.
cable tiesMillepede Cable Rings
Millepede Cable Rings are a cost effective solution for organizing and bundling your cables. These reusable rings are a labor saving measure as they install in just seconds and leave behind no waste from clippings. Even adding or removing cables is easier as you can unclasp the rings without the use of any special tools.
Latching cable raceways

1-Piece Latching Raceways
From ea.
Non metallic wiring management systems such as cable raceways are a functional, affordable, attractive solution for wire enclosure applications in commercial, industrial as well as residential environments.


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