Leviton Decora® Occupancy Sensor Switch with LED Night Light

Turn Off Everything But the Night Light

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What's special about this motion sensor with LED nightlight?

  • Combines an occupancy sensor with a built-in night light in one attractive designer switch
  • Ideal for hotels, hospitals, offices where guests appreciate a nightlight in the restroom
  • Significantly lowers electric bills with a nightlight that consumes less than ½ a watt and guide lighting when room lights are off
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ULCSA Approved



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LE-OSS10-ID CEC Title24 Compliant Decora® Wall Switch PIR Manual ON Sensor with LED Night Light Low Almond, Gray
LE-ODS10-IDW ODS10 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
Coverage (Sq.Ft.): 2100 Sq. Ft., Pattern: 180°
- White
LE-OSSNL-ID Decora® Wall Switch PIR Occupancy Sensor with LED Night Light Full White, Light Almond, Gray, Ivory

NOTE: For optimal performance, install occupancy sensors at least 4 feet away from any HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) air ducts or registers. Keep the motion area clear. Some obstructions including furniture windows, glass and shower doors may limit the sensor from detecting motion. It will take approximately one minute for the sensors to work once powered for operation.


DECORA Wallplates

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LE-80401 Decora Nylon Wallplate 1 Gang Ivory, Almond, Light Almond, White, Gray, Brown, Red ($2.84), Black ($2.84)
LE-80301 Screwless Snap-On Wallplate 1 Gang Ivory, White, Black, Gray, Almond, Brown



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  • Contains passive infrared technology (PIR) to allow a 180-degree coverage area of 1,200 square feet sensing occupancy so that the lights will only go on when motion is detected and the lights will stay on for as long as someone is in the room
  • Convenient automatic on/automatic off or manual auto on/auto off controls
  • Includes manual delayed off time settings are 30 seconds, 30 minutes, one hour and two hours
  • Simple installation replaces any single pole switch that is mounted in a standard wall box.
  • LE -OSS10-1D model is CEC California Title-24 Compliant for energy efficiency due to its manual ON/Auto OFF operation
  • Easy to use push button control allows the user to manually turn the light on or off anytime
  • The LED night light illumination is adjustable to meet an individual preference and responds to ambient light presence in a room using an internal photocell
  • The LED night light switch can be adjusted to offer continuous or dimmed nightlight functionality with the factory setting, which can be changed, to automatically dim to 5% of full brightness after 2 minutes of no occupancy to save energy
  • Manufactured with a proprietary segmented Fresnel lens that is much thinner and more sensitive than other type lenses providing the best sensitivity available in an occupancy sensor
  • Fits perfectly into standard wall boxes that are gangable with other units. A Ground and neutral connection is required for proper operation. See instructions attachment
  • Both the LE-OSSNL-1D and OSS10-1D are preset for optimum performance and require no manual adjustments prior to installation
  • They can be used with either electronic or magnetic ballasts with 120 Volt or 277 Volt lighting based on your requirements
  • The horizontal field of view can be adjusted from 32 degrees to 180 degrees by using the internal blinders on the sides of the unit if restricted viewing such as hallway traffic is desired
  • Use with any Decora® wallplate or Decora Plus™ screwless wall plate for a beautiful finished look
  • Colors available to match your décor include ivory, white, gray, light almond and almond
  • Manufactured of high impact plastic by Leviton; an ISO9001 certified quality manufacturer
  • UL listed 773A and CSA certified to provide safety standards for non-industrial photoelectric switches.
  • Five Year limited product warranty from Leviton


Switch Type: Single-Pole Selectable-ON/Auto-OFF
Adjustment: Manual
Technology: Passive Infrared
Pattern Degrees: 32-180
Coverage Range Sq. Ft.: 1200
Time Adjustment: 30 sec - 2 hours
Load Rating: Incandescent 800W @ 120V INC
Fluorescent 1200VA @ 120V 2700VA @ 277V FL
Voltage: 120/277 Volt AC 60Hz
Wiring Neutral / Ground: Required
Feature: With Nightlight
Wall plate: Order Separately here
Color: White, Ivory, Gray, Almond, Light Almond
Standards and Certifications: UL/cUL Listed
Warranty: 5-Year Limited
Code Compliance: California Title 24


View Samples
LE-OSS10-ID CEC Title24 Compliant Decora® Wall Switch PIR Manual ON Sensor with LED Night Light 4.11" H x 1.75" W x 2.66" D Almond, Gray
LE-ODS10-IDW ODS10 Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor
Coverage (Sq.Ft.): 2100 Sq. Ft., Pattern: 180°
4.06" H x 1.75" W x 1.85" D (103.2mm x 44.4mm x 47.2mm) White
LE-OSSNL-ID Decora® Wall Switch PIR Occupancy Sensor with LED Night Light 4.11" H x 1.75" W x 2.66" D White, Light Almond, Gray, Ivory







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