KWIKPATH Riser Optical Fiber & Communication Raceways

Non Metallic Riser Raceway Snaps Together Quickly and Easily


KWIKPATH Riser Optical Fiber & Communication Raceways

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Kwikpath Riser Optical Fiber & Communication Cable Raceways


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cULus Listed

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this non-metallic raceway?

  • Meets all building regulations, plus this is the first UL 2024 riser approved raceway and fitting combination on the market
  • Easily identifiable mandarin orange color keeps contractors from damaging cables during renovations
  • Reduces long runs of riser raceway around tight corners with the industry’s first Y Coupler that snaps into place
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KWIKPATH Riser is the backbone of the structured cabling system and is used for all riser rated applications. It is ideal to protect and manage fiber optic and telecom / datacom cabling installations at a very affordable price.

  • With its corrugated PVC, riser cables are protected from being damaged or snagged as they are pulled through the raceway
  • Packaging in reels for large riser projects or easy to use 200 foot coil pull tape boxes that will dispense only the amount required
  • Made from flexible PVC corrugated product to ensure certification for all riser applications
  • Riser raceway is available in 3/4” to 2” sizes in convenient 200-foot corrugated pull tape boxes or in reels up to 5000 feet with pull tape and sequential markers every foot for larger projects
  • You can measure just the right amount of riser raceway for your project and use fewer riser couplings
  • Riser reels for large jobs are disposable so you don’t have to store them or return them
  • Kwikpath riser raceway requires no special tools for installation and can be cut to size with a regular utility knife scissor style utility knife
  • Y-Coupler is a unique coupler used to branch off from an existing corrugated raceway without removing existing cables and using large expensive pull boxes
  • The KWIKPATH riser raceway can be bent by hand to get around twists and turns in areas where space is limited saving on all overall costs
  • Riser fittings are a simple snap on style with six locking tabs to make sure the fittings stay connected eliminating the need for cement or screws to hold the coils or couplings together
  • UV Packaging to protect your riser raceway product until installed
  • 3 Year Warranty


Inside and Outside Diameters - Dimensional specifications are applied to nonmetallic conduit in order that they may fulfill their function of housing cabling without causing abrasion when cables are pulled through the inside of the conduit. Wall thickness is specified so that the conduit adequately protects the conductors inside from damage. Fittings are to be provided with end stops (centering stop for a coupling). The maximum inside diameter of the stop cannot exceed the minimum outside diameter of the conduit.

Trade Size of Conduit (in.) Inside Diam. Min Inside Diam. Max Outside Diam. Min Outside Diam. Max
21 (3/4") 0.774" (19.66mm) 0.834" (21.18mm) 1.021" (25.91mm) 1.061" (26.92mm)
27 (1") 1.000" (26.90mm) 1.060" (26.90mm) 1.286" (32.64mm) 1.326" (33.65mm)
35 (1 1/4") 1.329" (33.73mm) 1.393" (35.36mm) 1.630" (41.35mm) 1.673" (42.47mm)
41 (1 1/2") 1.559" (39.57mm) 1.623" (41.20mm) 1.869" (47.45mm) 1.913" (48.56mm)
53 (2") 2.016" (51.18mm) 2.081" (52.81mm) 2.324" (59.00mm) 2.388" (60.63mm)



Radius of Bends - Any bends must be made so that the optical fiber and communication cable raceway will not be damaged and the internal diameter of the optical fiber and communication cable raceway will not be effectively reduced. Bends can be made manually without auxiliary equipment. However, the radius of the curve to the centerline of such bends shall not be less than shown in the following table

Conduit Size Radius of Bends
3/4" (21mm) 5" (127mm)
1 (27mm) 6" (152.4mm)
1 1/4" (35mm) 8" (203.2mm)
1 1/2" (41mm) 10" (254mm)
2" (53mm) 12" (304.8mm)



Riser Test Standards - The riser test is used for evaluating flame propagation of riser raceways. Samples are installed vertically in a shaft simulating a run between 2 floors, with the raceways installed full width on a 16' long metal cable tray and subjected to a defined test flame at the bottom with an exhaust air flow of 700 ft./min.

Standard United States Canada
Riser Test UL2024 ULC/ORD-C2024
Equivalent Standard UL1666 Clause 6.16 of CSA C22.2 No. 211.0
Flame Propagation Height < 12 ft. < 3.7 m
Temperature at 3.7m (12 ft.) Height 850°F 454°C
Difference in Flame Propagation Heights for 2 Tests 15% 15%
Raceway Marking Riser FT-4



Test Standards Used - The test standards used for testing the physical properties of optical fiber and communication cable raceway for the United States and Canada.

Test U.S.A. Canada
Heat Shock UL2024 ULC/ORD C2024
Cold Bend UL2024 ULC/ORD C2024
CSA C22.2
Fitting Pull-Out UL1653 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing CSA C22.1 No. 227.1
Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing



rating logosEliminate all building compliance concerns and pass inspection knowing every part of your fittings and raceway system 100% meets all UL, NEC, NFPA, and EIA/TIA requirements.

EIA/TIA – Meets all commercial building telecommunications cable protection and performance codes.

NEC 2005 (National Electric Code) governs the removal of abandoned cables in air handling spaces, Kwikpath is in compliance with articles 770 and 800 with its convenient way to remove and replace cable through the Kwikpath raceway.

NFPA- (National Fire protection Association) meets all cable management requirements for air plenums, ducts and other environmental air spaces.

UL2024 General Purpose-certified to meet standards for flame damage and flame test.


PLEASE NOTE: These products ship in 1 week
There is a 25% restock fee for returns

Riser Raceway - Coil with Pull Tape
KP-R125TC 1 1/4" 200' 24.2 lbs 31.5" x 14" x 31.5" DISCONTINUED



KP-RC125 Kwikpath Resi (Riser) Coupling 1 1/4" 4.2 lbs 30  
KP-RC150 Kwikpath Resi (Riser) Coupling 1 1/2" 4.6 lbs 30  
Terminal Adapter C/W Lockout
KP-KRTA100 Kwikpath Resi Riser Terminal Adapter C/W Lockout 1" 3 lbs 50  
KP-KRTA150 Kwikpath Resi Riser Terminal Adapter C/W Lockout 1 1/2" 3.3 lbs 30  




Installing Kwikpath is Easy


Available in convenient coil lengths of 200 ft. and reel lengths up to 1000 ft., Kwikpath gives you the flexibility to measure out end-to-end home-run systems with fewer couplings. Convenient lightweight coil lengths are easy to handle and disposable reels ensure you don’t have to store and return large steel reels.

kwikpath tubing coiled up


For straight cuts every time, use our scissor-style cutting tool. However, no special tools or cutting equipment are required.You can even cut Kwikpath with a regular utility knife.

cutting kwikpath raceway


Kwikpath is so lightweight and flexible you can bend, turn and manipulate it by hand to install it easily around irregular curves and in tight spaces.This flexibility allows you to get the job done right the first time, reducing wasted material and time.

bending kwikpath by hand


Kwikpath’s unique snap-on fittings make terminating or coupling quick and easy, and six locking tabs ensure the fittings stay connected. No messy cementing or screws to tighten.

snap connectors onto kwikpath ends


Kwikpath’s interior corrugated surface reduces pull-forces and friction, so pulling wires through the tubing is considerably easier than through metal tubing. And you can pull cables through longer raceways without worrying about damage to the cables.

cables inserted to kwikpath tubing




Kwikpath Accessories Kwikpath Accessories
Kwikpath Fittings reduce the need for pulling long runs of raceway around awkward twists and turns and tight spaces. The various connections and innovative y-coupler allow you to easily branch off raceway into different directions with out removing existing cabling. They make the communications raceway easy to handle and install and are a great labor savings
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