IPEX Kwikpath Fiber, Cable Raceways  IPEX Kwikpath Raceway Systems



Kwikpath Accessories
Reduce the need for pulling long runs of raceway around awkward twists, turns and tight spaces. Branch raceway into different directions without removing existing cabling. Easy to handle and install.

conduit repair kit, EPR

EPR Conduit Repair Kits
These Conduit Repair Kits save you time and money by allowing you to fix the problem without resorting to installing a new conduit system. Available in a variety of sizes to suit your application.

Vertical Lok

Vertical Lok Electrical Duct Spacers
From / 200 pieces
Designed for poured concrete applications, these duct spacers support conduit and hold it perfectly in place so that it remains correctly configured under the pressure of concrete pours.

Kwikon Electrical Non-Metallic Conduit

Kwikon Electrical Non-Metallic Conduit
Perfect for indoor, outdoor and even direct burial applications, this non-metallic conduit is flexible enough to be bent and formed by hand, can be easily cut to custom lengths, and is far more corrosion-resistant than steel conduit.



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