Kidde 120V Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Protect Yourself and Your Family From the Odorless Killer: Carbon Monoxide

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What's special about these detectors?

  • Alerts you to the danger of carbon monoxide present in the environment possibly caused by gas appliances or even from fumes in your garage or chimney
  • Units interconnect with up to 24 other Kidde devices for a complete system that alerts you not only in the place where there is danger but throughout the home
  • The battery pull tab eliminates battery installation time and keeps the battery's longevity
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Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a vital part of your home's safety system. This essential device helps warn of carbon monoxide levels and is inter-connectable with other Kidde devices, such as smoke alarms and heat detectors on one wiring network.


KD-21006406 Kidde AC Wire-In Carbon Monoxide Alarm
with Battery Back Up
KD-9000121 Kidde AC Wire-In Carbon Monoxide
with Digital Display, Battery Back Up
  • Installations are a snap with the adjustable mounting bracket included with your detector and snap-on harness
  • Alarm has a sealed cover which prevents debris from entering and interfering with the sensor
  • Prevent battery theft with the tamper resistant feature
  • Battery backup included with these models so you sleep well knowing regardless of power you are protected
  • Test/reset button allows you to check that your unit is operating properly and silence it during a false or nuisance alarm
  • Alerts user to replace the CO alarm after 7 years of operation
  • Smart system allows you to pinpoint where the danger lies
  • UL rated 2034
  • Five year manufacturer warranty


  KD-2100646 KD-9000121
Power Source 120V AC, 9V Battery Backup 120V AC, 9V Battery Backup
Sensor Electrochemical Electrochemical
Audio Alarm 85dB at 10ft 85dB at 10ft
Temperature Range 40° F to 100° F 40° F to 100° F
Humidity Range 5% - 95% relative humidity 5% - 95% relative humidity
Size 5.75" Diameter x 1.8" Depth 5.75" Diameter x 1.8" Depth
Weight 1 lb 1 lb
Interconnect Up to 24 Kidde Devices Up to 24 Kidde Devices
LED Green, Normal
Red, Alarm
Amber, Initiation Alarm
Green, Normal
Red, Alarm
Amber, Initiation Alarm
Digital Display None Displays CO concentration in PPM, updating every 15 seconds
Image carbon monoxide alarm co alarm with digital display






First Alert CO DetectorBRK First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors
The BRK First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detectors are designed to warn you when there is toxic CO gas present in the air.  CO gas is the leading cause of death by poisoning in the U.S. Everyone is at risk. Especially at risk are unborn babies, infants, senior citizens and people with coronary or respiratory problems.
ionization and photoelectric smoke alarmIonization/Photoelectric Smoke Alarms - Kidde
The Kidde Ionization/Photoelectric Smoke Alarm with 9V power/ battery back up provides protection against smoke and fire hazards even if the power goes out. The combination of ionization and photoelectric sensors offer the best protection against both fast flaming and slow smoldering fires. These units include flashing LEDs to signal the alarm is functioning properly, a low battery warning and a loud 85dB alarm.

smoke and CO alarmCombination Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms - First Alert
These combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are chock full of features to give you the peace of mind you need to rest easy knowing your family is protected from two deadly conditions: carbon monoxide poisoning and house fires.

Kidde CO/Smoke Combo AlarmBattery Operated Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Alarms Combo - Kidde
The Kidde Battery Operated Carbon Monoxide/ Smoke Combo Alarm comes complete with two essential safety features in a single unit. The alarm includes a voice warning system that audibly states “Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Low Battery or Smart Hush Activation”.
plug-in co alarmDirect Plug-In Carbon Monoxide Detectors
These models make protecting your family easy. Simply plug them into an available outlet and you're ready to go. There is no need to cut holes in your walls or do any intense wiring. Some even feature a battery backup, so if the power goes out the unit will continue to monitor for carbon monoxide.

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