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OK Industries Wire Wrapping Bits

Wire Wrapping Bits & Sleeves
Combining all the benefits of wire wrapping and unwrapping bits into a single bit/sleeve combination, these parts let you remove old wire and then terminate with new, without ever having to change bits.

OK Industries Manual Wire Wrappers

Manual Wire Wrappers
The Jonard OK Industries Manual Wire Wrapping Tools assure you of precise reliable wire wraps and are available as an aluminum wire wrapping gun, Lexan® wire wrapping gun, insulated wire wrapping gun and the newly introduced wire wrapping tool with LED flashlight attached.

OK Industries PTX Wire Wrapping Unwrapping

PTX Wire Wrapping and Unwrapping Tool
Provides a high reliability connection that is easy to remove in the event you need to correct or modify a wiring layout. Wire wrapping works by applying tremendous tension and compression forces to the wire, causing the oxide layer on both wire and terminal to be crushed or sheared, resulting in a clean, oxide-free metal-to-metal contact.

OK Industries Battery Operated PTX Wire Wrapping, Unwrapping Kits

Battery Operated PTX Wire Wrapping, Unwrapping Kits
The patented Jonard OK Industries PTX Wire Wrapping and Unwrapping Tool Kits are ideal for installers and technicians looking for a safer, more reliable alternative to soldering. Kits include the tool, batteries and charger.

Punchdown Power Tool

Battery Powered Punchdown Tool
Designed to alleviate the hand, arm and shoulder strain that come from performing multiple punchdowns on high-density connection blocks, this powered punchdown tool can deliver over 1000 terminations on a single battery charge.

OK Industries Insulated Wire Wrapping Solution

Insulated Wire Wrapping Solution
The OK Industries Insulated Manual Wire Wrapper Kit, OKI-WWK-CO was designed and created with the technician in mind. This set is equipped with all your basic needs at your fingertips when working to secure a tight and permanent connection.

OKI-TSAB-125 Fixed Blade

Thermal Fiber Optic Strippers
With temperature settings up to 392° F (200° C), this fiber optic stripper gets far hotter that similar products on the market, and can adapt to handle different fiber coatings.



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