Ideal Wire-Nut® Wire Connectors

Easy and Safe Twist-On Wire Connector

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What's special about these Wire Nuts®?

  • They allow you to connect and twist together 2 wires of various sizes for a safe wire end termination
  • Fixed inner wire spring creates a secure thread that grips firmly onto the wires and prevents any disconnection
  • Positive grip provides more leverage and allows easy installation with a tool, or by hand
  • Available in 5 size-specific colors so you are able to easily identify which wire-nut is needed for your application
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Ideal Industries Wire-Nut connectors allow you to safely terminate low voltage wiring in a snap. The tough shell is rated for up to 221°F (105°C) and made of UL94V-0 material to self-extinguish in the event that a spark may break out.


ID-30-171 71B Wire-Nut® 71B® Wire Connector, 2 #22 to 2 #16 AWG wire combinations, 300 Volt max. Gray 1.6 lbs 1,000
ID-30-172 72B Wire-Nut® 72B® Wire Connector, 2 #22 to 3 #16 AWG wire combinations, 300 volt max. Blue 2.25 lbs 1,000
ID-30-173 73B Wire-Nut® 73B® Wire Connector, 1 #18 w/1 #20 to 4 #16 AWG wire combinations, 600 volt max. Orange 4 lbs 1,000
ID-30-174 74B Wire-Nut® 74B® Wire Connector, 2 #18 to 3 #12 AWG wire combinations, 600 volt max. Yellow 6.2 lbs 1,000
ID-30-176 76B Wire-Nut® 76B® Wire Connector, 2 #14 to 4 #12 AWG wire combinations, 600 volt max. Red 9.5 lbs 1,000



ID-30-905 Wire-Nut® Wire Connector Socket 59B Gray 1 0.15 lb
  • Can be removed and reused for circuit changes and maintenance
  • Covers a range of wire sizes from #22 to #8 AWG for use on multiple applications
  • Ideal for use in a variety of applications from 300V to 600V such as:
  • Meets the following certifications:
    • UL 486
    • CSA-C22.2 No. 188
  • Constructed of tough UL 94 V-0 rated material that can withstand up to 105° C (221° F)
  • Can be used with both stranded or solid wires for ultimate versatility


Wire Nut Drawing Dimensions


Model Color Volt AWG Range A B C D E
71B® Gray 300V #22 to #16 Min: 2 #22
Max: 2 #16
5/32" [4 mm] 1/4" [6.5 mm] 21/64" [8 mm] 11/64" [4.5 mm] 37/64" [15 mm]
72B® Blue 300V #22 to #14 Min: 2 #22
Max: 3 #16
11/64" [4.5 mm] 9/32" [7 mm] 25/64" [10 mm] 11/64" [4.5 mm] 45/64" [18 mm]
73B® Orange 600V #22 to #14 Min: 1 #18 w/ 1 #20
Max: 4 #16 w/ 1 #20
11/64" [4.5 mm] 11/32" [9 mm] 7/16" [11 mm] 5/16" [8 mm] 55/64" [22 mm]
74B® Yellow 600V #18 to #12 Min: 2 #18
Max: 4 #14 w/ 1 #18
1/4" [6.5 mm] 7/16" [11 mm] 35/64" [14 mm] 5/16" [8 mm] 61/64" [24 mm]
76B® Red 600V #18 to #10 Min: 2 #14
Max: 2 #10 w/ 2 #12
17/64" [7 mm] 17/32" [14 mm] 21/32" [17 mm] 17/64" [7 mm] 1-1/16" [27 mm]








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