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Heat Shrink & Accessories

Heat Shrink tubing is expanded, extruded plastic sleeving that is designed to contract when heated. It is commonly used to provide sealing, termination, identification, insulation, and strain relief for cables. It has many uses in electrical, electronic, telecommunications, cable management, and virtually all other industries, and there are many variations to meet different needs: economical options for light, unexposed use, general purpose and high temperature versions for automotive, aerospace and military applications, and adhesive lined heat tubing for tight seals that keep out dust and moisture.

The most common method for contracting heat shrink is the heat gun. Heat guns range from moderate heat, fixed temperature versions for general use to variable temperature models with digital readouts. The heat shrink oven is a costlier and less portable option, but is more energy efficient.

In addition to heat shrink tubing and heat gun/hot air tools, this section also features connectors you need to take your heat shrink project from start to finish, including heat shrink labels and high temperature specialized heat tubing.

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