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What's special about these tone and probe kits?

  • Microprocessor controlled circuitry for increased reliability
  • Automatic shutoff to prevent battery drain
  • Fixed alligator clips and removable modular plug for RJ-11
  • Snag-proof boot prevents broken plug tabs
  • Kits include one Tone Generator, one Inductive Amplifier (Professional) or Filter Probe (Premium), and carrying case
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GSA approved

Greenlee carries Tone Generator and Probe Kits for varying needs, such as the basic Tone Generator (GL-77GX) to identify single conductors or cables, up to the Professional (GL-711K) for use on single conductors, twisted pairs, coax, and de-energized wiring, up to the Premium Kit (GL-801K) for the more accurate identification by eliminating almost all power-related noise.


GL-77GX Tone Generator
GL-711K Professional Tone and Probe Kit
GL-801K Premium Tone and Probe Kit

Tone Generator - GL-77GX

  • Increased reliability from microprocessor-controlled circuitry
  • Two-line polarity indicator allows for quick and easy outlet identification
  • Auto-shutoff feature prolongs battery life
  • Includes a convenient hanging lanyard, and a snag-proof boot to prevent broken plug tabs
  • Capable of multiple line identification (3 separate tone output signals)
  • Two selectable tone power outputs, for use with either open or shorted pairs
  • An independent talk battery supply allows for higher-voltage output
  • Alligator clips and a removable modular plug give you multiple options for connection
Greenlee Tone Generator, 77GX

Professional Tone and Probe Kit - GL-711K

This tone and probe kit is designed for telecom professionals, and is ideal for use on single-conductor, twisted pair and coaxial cables, as well as de-energized electrical wiring:

  • Drop-tested housings ensure tester durability
  • Included in the kit: 77GX Tone Generator and 200GX Inductive Amplifier, packaged together in a rugged carrying case
  • Housings are drop-tested to ensure durability.
Professional Tone and Probe Kit

Premium Tone and Probe Kit - GL-801K

The 801K provides more accurate wire identification by virtually eliminating power-related noise from the tone and probe operation. Kit includes:

  • Included in the kit: the 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator and the 200FP Filter Probe, packed together in a rugged and convenient Cordura nylon case.
Premium Tone and Probe Kit

Part # GL-77GX GL-711K GL-801K
Includes - 77GX Tone Generator - 77GX Tone Generator
- 200GX Inductive Amplifier
- Rugged Carrying Case
- 77HP/6A High Power Tone Generator
- 200 FP Filter Probe
- Cordura case




wire signal tracerFox 2 and Hound 3 Kit
The Fox 2 and Hound 3 tone generator and tracer Kit includes a carrying case. The New Hound 3 Probe features 2 Bright, White LED Headlights that will help light your way in dark areas or reduce fluorescent light noise by allowing you to turn off overhead lighting.

IntelliTone Pro Tone and ProbeFluke IntelliTone™ Pro Probe
Perfect for tracing and locating cables within bundles or at patch panels and switches, these toners and probes save time and money by efficiently testing data, voice, audio and video cabling all with one test kit.


cable fault finderTDR Cable Fault Finder
This TDR is a hand-held Digital Cable Length Meter / TDR Fault Locator designed to both measure the length of copper communication cables and distance to a fault. Advanced signal processing techniques enable it to identify opens and short circuits, and directly indicate the fault distance on an alpha-numeric LCD.

wire markersWire Markers, Labels
Variety of ways to help you get those wires and cables identified.

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