GST Wire Stripper Series GEM Electronics Coax Cable Stripper

Three Strippers for Virtually All Types of Coax Cables

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What's special about these coax strippers?

  • The GEM-GST comes in three models so that you can cover the widest range of cable terminations by adding all three to your tool arsenal
  • This coaxial stripper tool is lightweight, easy to carry, and made to last
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This wire stripper series will ensure that your cables are properly prepared and ready for future connections. Using the proper crimp and strip tool will make the assembly easier and much more reliable. A major cause of connector failure is due to improper cable preparation.


gem electronics gst wire stripper for rg58 rg59 rg62 and rg6 all pvc icon GEM-GST-1 GEM Electronics Wire Stripper RG58, RG59, RG62 and RG6 all PVC 4.5" x 7"
gem electronics gst wire stripper for rg58 rg59 rg62 pvc and plenum icon GEM-GST-2 GEM Electronics Wire Stripper RG58, RG59, and RG62 PVC and Plenum 4" x 1"
gem electronics gst wire stripper for belden 8281 cable and rg58 and rg-6 pvc and plenum icon GEM-GST-3 GEM Electronics Wire Stripper Belden 8281 cable and RG58 and RG-6 both PVC and Plenum 4" x 1"

  • Dual blades cut down to the center conductor and braid simultaneously for one quick and easy strip
  • This is the tool for you if you are affixing twist-on, crimp-on, uni-crimp, F hex crimp and compression type connectors
  • The Allen wrench adjusts cable cut depths: turn clockwise to lessen the depth of the cut and counterclockwise to increase or deepen the depth of the cut
  • By using the GEM strip tools, crimp tools and connectors you ensure your connections are secure
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • The GST-1 should be used with RG58, RG59 PVC & Plenum, RG6 PVC & Plenum cables
  • The GST-2 should be used with RG58 Plenum and Standard and Teflon RG-58, RG-59, and RG-62
  • The GST-3 should be used with Belden 8281cable and Standard and Teflon RG-58, and RG-6


  GST-1 GST-2 GST-3
Dimensions 4.5" x 7" 4" x 1" 4" x 1"
Weight 2.1 oz 1.5 oz 1.5 oz
Body Plastic Plastic Plastic
Blades Metal Metal Metal
Strips RG58, RG59, RG62, RG6 (all PVC) RG58, RG59, RG62 (PVC & Plenum) Belden 8281, RG58, RG6 (PVC & Plenum)





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