GEM Electronics GEM-310-00 Universal TNC Connector

Universal TNC Connector Works with Virtually Any Cable So You are Prepared for Any Job

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What's special about this TNC connector?

  • Comes with 3 different sized ferrules to accommodate varying cable thicknesses
  • This one connector covers a variety of possible cable options making it a valuable part of your connectors kit
  • One-piece connector construction means you do not have to worry about losing or handling other pieces
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This Universal TNC Connector is the only one of its type. This termination kit is unique because it comes with three different sized ferrules which enables you, as the installer, to deal with the varying thicknesses of insulation that comes with RG6, RG58 and RG59.

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Part #DescriptionWeightPrice
GEM-310-00GEM Electronics Universal TNC Connector Plug0.25 lb
GEM-360-00GEM Electronics Universal TNC Connector Jack0.25 lb
  • The Universal TNC Crimp-On Plug can be used for RG59 PVC & Plenum, RG6 PVC & Plenum and RG58 cables
  • The GET-301-UT Universal Crimp Tool is the perfect compliment to this connector
  • Comes with a captive, self-energizing center contact
  • Gold plated center contact for improved signal quality
  • Bright nickel finish solid brass or zinc body
  • Test performance meets MIL-C-39012 standard
  • One year warranty
  • Compatible Cables:
    • RG59 PVC 20 AWG
    • RG59 TFE 20 AWG
    • RG59 PVC 22 AWG
    • RG59 TFE 22 AWG
    • RG58 PVC 20 AWG
    • RG6 PVC 18 AWG
    • RG6 TFE 18 AWG


Ratings UL rating E202643
MIL-C-39012 standard
Wire Gauge: 18-22 AWG
Jacket O.D.: 0.185 - 0.280
Cable Usage: RG59 PVC and TFE, RG6 PVC and TFE, RG58 PVC
Materials: Brass QQ-B-626, Alloy 360, 1/2 Hard QQ-B-613, Alloy CA260, 1/2 Hard Beryllium Copper Alloy #25, Zamak QQ-2-363 Comp A, NORYL SE100 UL Approved
Size: 2-1/8" X 2-1/2"
Weight: 0.25 lbs
Impedance: 50 ohms nominal
Operating Frequency: TNC: 0-11 GHz
V.S.W.R.: 1-3:1 maximum
Working Voltage: 500 VRMS @ sea level
Contact Resistance: Outer Contact 0.2 Milliohms
Center Contact 1.5 Milliohms
Insulating Resistance: 5000 Mega ohms minimum
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 1500 VRMS @ sea level


coaxial cable with end stripped 1. Trim cable as shown.
ferrule on cable with braid folded back 2. Slide crimp ferrule onto cable.
3. Fold braid back and complete trimming the cable as shown. Trim center conductor end at 45 degree angle.
connector pushed onto cable 4. Push connector onto cable.
5. Fold braid back over crimp body.
6. Push crimp ferrule up over braid and crimp body.

ferrule pushed up to connector and crimped 7. Using universal crimp tool P/N GET-301-UT, crimp ferrule to connector using .320 hex.
8. Crimp cable support with appropriate hex:
  • .264 RG6PVC
  • .250 RG59PVC, RG6TFE
  • .212 RG59TFE, RG58PVC






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