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LSDI Fiberglass Push Rods
LSDI’s economical line of FiberFuse™ fiberglass rod pushers come in a fluorescent green color that is great at reflecting light shined onto them, so the installer can easily spot and navigate.


LSDI Metal Tip Fiberglass Push/Pull Rods
LSDI’s economical line of metal tip fiberglass push/pull rods come in a fluorescent green or luminous ( glow in the dark), so the installer can easily spot and navigate wires.

Mille-Rod Plastic Rod Sets

Mille-Rod Non-Conductive Push Pull Rod Set
Economically priced and made up of rod segments with varying degrees of flexibility, this kit allows you to create custom push-pull rods whenever you need to run in-wall cable.

Jameson Push rod Application

Jameson - Sectional Push Rod Kit
This kit offers high strength and extreme flexibility, and has a unique non-conductive solution to push or pull wire or cables. These rods glow in the dark and the threaded sections allow easy customization of rod length for any job.


LSDI Wet Noodle™
Labor Saving Devices' Wet Noodle™ wire retriever system is no inferior knock-off product... it's the original! LSDI developed the ball chain and retriever concept to save time and reduce the frustration that can come along with retrofitted wire installation jobs.


Mille-Rod Push Pull Rods
These high quality rods are ideal for use by the amateur and professional installer alike. Mille-Rod Standard's range enables the installation of wire and cable over long runs and through hard to access voids or cavities.


Fish Stix - Greenlee
High visible green color rods can be easily threaded together and seen when working above ceilings, down walls, or under raised floors. Two different threaded tips are available to accommodate various bundles of wire or cable.


Mille-Rod Professional Push Pull Rod Set
This Mille-Rod offers a high quality performance for the right price, made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) allows for the installation of wire and cable over long runs and through hard to access voids and cavities.

LSDI Fiberglass Telescoping Poles

LSDI Grabbit™ Fiberglass Telescoping Poles
LSDI Grabbit™ series of telescoping poles are made from lightweight, non-conductive, shockproof fiberglass. Both Grabbit models use friction locking joints to keep the pole at your desired length, and utilize LSDI’s patented Z-tip for the easy grabbing or pushing of wires.

telescoping poles

Telescoping Poles
Use these telescoping poles for use in long spans, and hard to reach areas in ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces. They are a great complement to our push pull rods.

Jameson Double-Lock Telescoping Pole

Jameson Double-Lock Fiberglass Telescoping Pole
Double-Lock System is made up of internal and external locks that ensure that the poles will not collapse or separate when fully extended. Ideal for power and cable line clearance, maintenance, and tree care.


Fiberglass Rods
Simplify your installation of cables in ceilings and walls with this set of rods. Flexible enough to go around corners and up and down walls through small openings, yet strong enough to withstand virtually any test you may put them to.


LSDI Creep-Zit™Pro 36' Kit
The Creep-Zit line of push/pull rods are sought after by professional installers because of their superior rod strength, flexibility and durability.


Jameson Sectional Push Rod Installers Kit
This kit has everything you need for any type of installations. Unique non-conductive solution to push or pull wire or cables, constructed of high strength luminescent fiberglass that glows in the dark.


Sidewalk Sleever® Pipe Installation Tool
Sidewalk Sleever® was invented by a landscape/irrigation company that understands the demands of an everyday job site.


Magnepull Magnetic Retrieving Wire Running Kit
Incredibly strong magnets allow the technician to move the wire retrieval unit on the outside of the drywall to the desired location and retrieve the wire or pull line in just minutes.


RODALONG Conduit Rodder
The RODALONG (Patent Pending) Continuous Insulated Fiberglass Rod is the perfect technician's tool for reaching or fishing electrical conduit, cables, fiber optics, innerduct, or any other electrical building material.


Jameson Easy Buddy Rodder
The Jameson Easy Buddy is made of a solid fiberglass, non-conductive 1/4" core rod. It is fully portable because of a lightweight frame with wheels. Comes with a male fitting and tapered pulling eye and handles tight turns and long runs with ease.


Cable Tray Fish Rod Kit
Designed for fishing cables near suspended ceilings and cable trays, this coated fiberglass wire pulling kit can extend up to 48' in length, and has a wisp head attachment that won't get tangled in cables or catch onto T-bars.

GlowFish Fiberglass Rod - BES

GlowFish® Glow-in-the-Dark Fiberglass Push Pull Rods
Perfect for fishing cables through dark spaces, these luminescent wire pulling rods are stored in a clear tube and “charge” themselves on ambient light when not in use, so they’re always ready to go.

TeleScope - BES

BES TelePole Telescopic Rods
Perfect for arborists, electrical workers and homeowners, these fiberglass poles telescope up to 20 feet in length to reach normally inaccessible elevated areas and objects without the need for a ladder.

Platinum Tools Xtender Pole

Platinum Tools® Xtender Pole™ Multi-Purpose Installation Tool
Perfect for installing hardware onto ceilings and other elevated structures, these extender poles can be attached directly to power drills and drivers so that you can fasten screws from the ground, without the need for ladders, scaffolding or lifts.



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