Fire Protection

UL approved 2hr fire rated barrier for recessed lights

Take Protective and Preventative Measure to Keep Your Structure (and You) Safe from Fire

Make sure your building is secure in the event of a fire with our range of fire protection products from trusted brands like Abesco, 3M and Kidde. We have a broad range of products designed to seal off areas to prevent the spread of flames, smoke and gas, including tape, caulk, putty and mortar. Fire stop devices and collars can help you route cables through walls and ceilings without sacrificing safety, and expanding pillows and composite sheets can buy you precious hours by keeping flames and gas contained in the areas where they originate.


Structural Fire Protection

Protection your physical structure is only half of it; you also need something to warn you when such an event occurs and help direct people to safety. Our smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can inform you of fire or gas leak when every second counts, and our emergency lights and exit signs will make sure the path to safety is clearly illuminated. Our alarm cables can make sure that these devices will function properly when they absolutely need to.


Personal Protection

Finally, you'll need to protect yourself as well. Our selection of protective gear includes gloves, hoods, face shields, coveralls, jackets and bibs...all essential accessories if you're working in an environment where you may experience an arc flash.

So remember: protect your structure, install detectors for prevention, and don't forget to keep yourself safe as well!

If you need help selecting a solution for your cable management needs, feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-866-222-0030.

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