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Anhydrous Alcohol Fiber Cleaner

American Polywater TYPE FO™ Anhydrous Alcohol Fiber Cleaner
From 16 oz bottle
Thanks to a combination of anhydrous alcohol and lint-free fabric, these wipes get optical fibers and connector ends squeaky clean without a long drying time or residue.

Isopropyl Alcohol

MGC-824 Isopropyl Alcohol
From / 10 wipes
The alcohol is ideal as a general all-purpose cleaner and is safe on plastics, PC Boards, connectors and contacts, fiber optics, semi-conductors, tape heads, office & medical equipment. In addition, the product meets Military Specification TT-I-735.


MicroCare's Sticklers™ Benchtop & Outdoor CleanWipes™
From / 90 wipes
MicroCare’s FiberWipes and FiberAide wipes are engineered specifically for cleaning fiber optic connector end-faces and bare optical fibers before and after each splice, termination, and installation is done.

Fiber Preparation Fluid

MicroCare's FiberCare Fiber Preparation Fluid
MicroCare's Fiber Preparation Fluid is double-filtered for high-grade purity, giving you a more consistent and reliable clean every time. Excellent for dissolving and removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibers, grime, polishing media, flux residues and uncured epoxies from bare fibers.

Fiber Connector Cleaner

MicroCare's FiberCare Fiber Connector Cleaner II
MicroCare's Fiber Connector Cleaner II is formulated to flush dirt and built-up oils out of hard to reach places without using flammable or hazardous chemicals. Excellent for dissolving and removing light oils, salts, moisture, fingerprints, dust, lint, fibers, grime, polishing media, flux residues and uncured epoxies from delicate surfaces.

Super Duster Plus Spray

MGC-402A Super Duster Plus Spray
MG Chemical’s MGC-402A-650 and MGC-402A-285 Super Duster 134a is ideal for removing microscopic dust, lint, and foreign particles from your computer, AV Equipment, printers, fax machines and any other equipment.

MG Chemicals 413B Heavy Duty Flux Remover

MG Chemicals 413B Heavy Duty Flux Remover
MGC-860 MG Chemicals Heavy Duty Flux Remover is an extra strength, aggressive cleaner which is made for quick removal or ionic and non-ionic solder found after you have completed your solder jobs.

MicroCare’s FiberCare™ Precision Optical Cleaner

MicroCare's Sticklers™ Precision Optical Cleaner
This high-purity solvent defuses static electricity to eliminate the attraction of dirt particles back on to the surface of the cleaning area. Dissolves fingerprints, light oils and surface films, and is delicate enough to be used on materials such as glass, optical lens, ceramic, metal, plastic, electronics and cured epoxy surfaces.

MG Chemicals Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

Fiber Optic Cleaning - MG Chemicals
Based on an ultra-pure isopropyl alcohol solution, this cleaning kit effectively strips fiber optic cables, connectors and tools of contaminants, so that you get the clearest signal possible.

Leviton Fiber Optic Consumable Kits

LEVITON Fiber Optic Consumable Kits & Fan Out Kits
Leviton's Consumables Kits contain everything you need to clean and polish fiber optic connectors, such as polyester wipes, alcohol pads, music wire, and lapping film. Fiber Optic Fan Out Kits protect bare fiber and prepare loose tube cable for direct termination to industry standard connectors.

MicroCare Fiber Connector Cleaning Sticks

MicroCare Fiber Connector Cleaning Sticks
MicroCare’s Cleaning Sticks are designed with a molded fibrous polymer tip instead of a cloth or foam based tip, which can leave behind lint or other fibers.

MG Chemicals Super Shield Conductive Coating

MG Chemicals Super Shield Conductive Coating
Use MG Chemical’s MGC-841 Super Shield Nickel Conductive Coating to reduce radiated EMI/RFI. The 841 will cause an abrupt discontinuity in the path of electromagnetic waves which interfere with your electronic equipment.

One Click Cleaners

One-Click Cleaner - AFL Telecommunication
Containing enough single-use cleaning tapes for 500 fiber optic connector cleanings, these push-action cleaning tools remove lint, dust and oils without the use of alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

MicroCare Fiber Sticklers Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit

MicroCare Sticklers™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Kit
Developed to deliver a lint and residue-free clean for fiber optic connectors, these non-flammable fiber cleaning supplies are packaged for hassle-free shipping and job-to-job travel.

fiber optic connector cleaner, 8500-10-0016MZ

AFL Cletop Automatic Ferrule Connector Cleaner
Designed to be more effective and less time consuming than most common fiber cleaning methods, this economical all-in-one unit cleans fiber connector ferrules in just one swipe, and leaves no signal-hindering residue behind.



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