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Standard Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cords

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UL and CSA

Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about these power extension cords?

  • Very low cost
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Indoor cords are 13 Amps /125 Volts
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Indoor Power Extension Cords
Our inexpensive 2 prong, 3 outlet household and small office extension cords are UL listed and CSA certified. Manufactured with child /pet safety slide covers. To prevent injury, these extension cords have polarized plugs (one blade is wider than the other)


Indoor Power Extension Cords

  • Two prong plugs
  • 3 outlets
  • 125 Volts
  • 13 Amps
  • 1625-Watt tolerance
  • Made from 16 AWG (gauge) wire
  • UL listed and CSA certified
  • Children and pet safety covers will prevent injury by covering unused plug openings
  • Available in white PVC cord


BL-210201WT 16 125 13 1625 2 prong 3 6 FT Indoor White
BL-210202WT 16 125 13 1625 2 prong 3 9 FT Indoor White
Indoor Extension Cords
BL-210201WT 16 125 13 1625 2 prong 3 6 FT White
BL-210202WT 16 125 13 1625 2 prong 3 9 FT White
Cord CaddyCordCaddy
This simple device eliminates clutter around computer gear and other gadgetry. Power cords, extension cables, video game cords, etc..., get coiled neatly around a pair of quick-release hooks on the device instead of bunching up like linguini.
EZWIND™ Cord OrganizerEZWIND™ Cord Organizer for Extension Cord
Not only is it comfortable to grip when winding up those heavy, stiff 12 awg. cords, but by adding a center post at each end, they help take the twists and tangles out of the cord as you wind it up.
Quickwinder reel systemReel-A-Pail® Quickwinder™ Cable Reel System
Perfect for use in garages and truck beds, these cable reels are enclosed in a pail-type outer shell that offers extra protection to stored cables, and can be stacked for easy storage, or wheeled around to prevent injury while moving large quantities of cable.
Cool Color ExtensionsCool Colors Outdoor Extension Cords - Coleman Cable
From for 25ft
Coleman Cable outdoor extension cords are 12 gauge 15-amp cords manufactured with brilliant neon colored gloss on a flexible weather resistant vinyl SJTW jacket. These cool colors help prevent loss or theft on a job site as they are easily identifiable.

Job Dob BuckreelJob Dog BuckReel® Cable and Cord Reels
Perfect for cables, ropes, extension cords, holiday lights, and more, this crank-handle reel lets you spool and store materials untangled and damage-free.

Coleman Cable Portable PDUX-Treme Box Portable Power Distribution
Ideal for everything from construction sites to concert halls, these portable GFCI power boxes are available in rainproof and roll-cage models to provide extra power how and where you need it.


Cord Connect plug protectorCord Connect™ Extension Cable Plug Protector
Perfect for backyards, industrial jobsites, and outdoor events, these weatherproof, UV-resistant plug protectors guard extension cord connectors against moisture, dirt, dust, and accidental pull-aparts.


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