Enduro Composites EHL6 Series Fiberglass Cable Tray System

The Highest Quality, Economical, Non-Metallic Cable Tray in the World

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What's special about this fiberglass cable tray?

  • Non-metallic, non-conductive tray complies with ABS standards
  • Full radius, one piece molded fitting is lightweight, and has smooth sides so there is no cable snagging or damaging
  • Resists corrosion for long lasting durability: won't rust, peel or flake
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A cable tray system is a unit or combination of units or pieces, as well as the associated fittings, that form a rigid structural system which is used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways. These systems are used to hold up and distribute cables. There are two standard composite resin systems available from Enduro: isophthalic polyester fire-retardant (FR-P), which is the most widely used, and a vinyl ester composite fire-retardant resin system (FR-VE), which is recommended if there will be strong acids (such as hydrochloric acid), strong alkalies (such as caustic soda), organic solvents and halogenated organic conditions present.


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EC-EHL6-09-09-10 9" 9" 10' 10' L x 10" W x 7" H 38 lbs
EC-EHL6-12-09-10 12" 9" 10' 10' L x 13" W x 7" H 39 lbs
EC-EHL6-24-09-10 24" 9" 10' 10' L x 26" W x 7" H 46 lbs
EC-EHL6-09-09-20 9" 9" 20' 20' L x 10" W x 7" H 76 lbs
EC-EHL6-12-09-20 12" 9" 20' 20' L x 13" W x 7" H 79 lbs
EC-EHL6-24-09-20 24" 9" 20' 20' L x 26" W x 7" H 92 lbs

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  • Low smoke, non toxic, and meets United States Coast Guard requirements for use in living areas
  • Meets strict UL, ASTM and CSA standards, so are you assured of quality and reliability
  • High strength to weight ratio is also easy to cut and install, making it excellent for new construction and for retrofit applications
  • No risk of sparking while working with this material, so you are safe
  • Custom design in any configuration your job requires
  • Because it won't interfere with other signals or radio waves, that means that no additional EMI shielding is required
  • Very low expansion and contraction ratio means there is not much movement with temperature variations, so your job's measurements will still be accurate after the install
  • Excellent to work with in all temperatures, since it will not transfer heat or cold the way metal does
  • Acrylic surface coating on all polyester cableway for protection
  • UV Resistance keeps the cable tray from losing its integrity even when installed outdoors
  • This style of tray is smaller in size, more economical, and provides a cleaner look than comparable cable tray systems
  • Built-in ventilation with ladder-type design keeps air flowing, so there is no need to derate cables because gasses cannot be trapped or transmitted
  • One year limited manufacturer warranty



cross section of fiberglass cable tray side



Basic Installation -

The installation of Enduro Cable Tray should be made in compliance with the standards set forth by the National Electric Code and NEMA Publications FG-1 (current issue).

Be sure to always follow common safety practices when putting together tray and fittings in the field. Be sure to build these systems in well-ventilated areas so that no dust from cutting the system can accumulate. There is no hazard from working with the Enduro Fiberglass Systems but it may cause skin irritation and, if allowed to accumulate with grease and other machining lubricants, can become abrasive. Be sure to use all the safety equipment necessary such as goggles, dust mask, coveralls or a shop coat when sawing, machining and/or sanding.

  • Try to avoid creating excessive heat while working with the tray, as this heat will soften the bonding resin in the fiberglass which will result in a lack of integrity
  • Use carbide-tipped drill bits and saw blades when sawing or drilling
  • Do not use lubricants during machining
  • Secure cable tray while cutting to ensure accurate, clean cuts
  • Use Enduro sealants to smooth any surfaces and cut edges
  • Prepare the surface properly before applying sealants







economical wire ductEconomical Wiring Duct
Made of heat-resistant PVC (up to 85°C). Two meter (6.6 ft) length fits most computer cabinets. Covers included on all orders.

Cable Trays Straight SectionCM10 Straight Section (0.120 in. Ø steel) - Fiber Optic Tray
Cable-Mgr.'s CM10 product line with its 2x2 inch grid pattern was designed especially for fiber optics and as tray separator. The smaller grid pattern verses the standard 2x4 minimizes cable sag to insure optimum performance. Cable Tray straight sections (0.120 in. Ø cold rolled steel ) have a grid pattern of 2" x 2"


Singlemode Patch Cords Singlemode Patch Cords
From per meter
Singlemode is an optical fiber, with a small core (2-9 microns that supports one mode). The mode Size (standard ie 8.3/125) is stamped on the yellow cable jacket. Singlemode is most commonly used for high speed, long distance applications.

Multimode Patch Cords Multimode Patch Cords
Multimode is an optical fiber with a core (25-200 microns) that supports several modes. The core commonly 62.5/125 or 50/125 is stamped on the cable jacket. Multimode is most commonly used for lower speed, short distance applications.


Klein tools Work GlovesDeerskin Work Gloves
Premium deerskin, soft and form-fitting for maximum comfort. Gunn cut with seams away from wear surfaces. Inseam index finger. Sheep-like pile lining.

Cable Tray SheavesCable Tray Sheaves - Greenlee
Designed to cut down on friction and snags during heavy-duty cable pulls, these rollers attach temporarily to cable trays to help bundles roll along smoothly, then can be removed for use in future pulls.


Black Box Starter KitBlack Box Fiber Installation Kits
Black Box offers three fiber installation kits. These kits are designed for techs on the go. The kits have the tools, case, and work space all rolled up in one. Choose between the starter and basic kits.


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