Greenlee CMT-80 Clamp On Electrical Tester

Automatically Test Amperage, Voltage, and Resistance

Greenlee CMT-80

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Greenlee CMT-80 Clamp On Electrical Tester

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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about the CMT-80 tester?

  • Easy to use clamp on design instantly tests voltage, current, continuity, and resistance without requiring you to enter any data
  • Low impedance for accurate testing and minimal errors
  • ULCompact design and low profile body allow you to test in tight spaces
  • Data hold capability displays results longer, so you can record pertinent test results
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The CMT-80 electrical tester from Greenlee offers a hassle-free solution for testing your circuits, junction boxes, and electrical wiring. This compact tool is perfect for use in small spaces, and can be stored just about anywhere.

  • Equipped with automatic battery shut-off to preserve power
  • Tests up to 400A AC and 600V DC for a wide range of testing applications
  • Single button operation provides quick and easy results to save time on testing
  • Testing can be done via clamp-on function or test leads, to provide limitless testing possibilities



  • (1) 9 V battery
  • test leads
  • carrying case


Amperage Measurement 0.6 - 400.0A AC
Voltage Measurement AC V: 1.3 - 600.0V; DC V: 1.8 - 600.0; -0.6 to -600.0V
Resistance 2000Ω with continuity beeper
Display 6000-count LCD
Jaw Opening 1.06" (27mm)
Measurement Category CAT III, 600V per UL 3111-1
GL-CMT-80 Automatic Electrical Tester Green
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