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Low Price GuaranteeWhat's special about this fiber optic tool kit?

  • Basic kit for single fiber and 2-fiber UniCam Connectors
  • Terminates ST, SC, LC, FC, and 2-Fiber MT-RJ connectors
  • Includes all of the necessary tools: crimper, cleaver, strippers, scissors and more
  • Keeps everything in the included standard tool bag
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TKT-UNICAM is the Basic Installation Kit for single fiber and 2-fiber UniCam® Connectors. It terminates single fiber ST® compatible, SC, LC, and FC, as well as 2-Fiber UniCam MT-RJ Connectors. It includes FBC-001 Score and Snap cleaver and Components for single-fiber Continuity Test (CTS) applications.

TKT-UNICAM Tool Kit Includes:



Kit Contents
  • UniCam Standard Installation Tool [TL-UC01]
  • Score and Snap Fiber Cleaver [FBC-001]
  • 5" Electrician’s Scissors with Notches [100294-01]
  • Crimp Tool [3201007-01]
  • 6" Wire Fiber Stripper [3206001-01]
  • "Dual-Hole" Miller Tool Fiber Stripper (for 900 µm and 250 µm fiber) [2104502-01]
  • Tweezers [100312-01]
  • Generic Alcohol Wipes [1508001-01]
  • Electrical Tape [2104282-01]
  • Standard UniCam Tool Bag [2104407-01]
  • Retractable Permanent Marker
Weight 3 lbs
IT-TKT-UNICAM Basic Installation Kit for single-fiber and 2-fiber UniCam® Connectors
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TKT-UniCam pretium tool kitTKT-UNICAM-PFC Tool Kit
For optical Pretium level performance, use this kit to precisely terminate Pretium or standard UniCam multimode or single mode LC, SC and ST connectors in local area networks (LANS), data centers or fiber to the desk applications in telecommunications rooms, telecommunications closets and enclosures.

Corning UniCam ConnectorsCORNING UniCam® Connectors
Corning UniCam® connector is the perfect solution for all field installable multi mode and single mode fiber optic connector requirements. The quick installation reduces overall labor costs of connectorization making the Unicam connector cost effective for all fiber applications, from the main-cross connect to the workstation. UniCam Connectors can be installed in less than one minute, or one third the time of standard field-polish connectors.


CORNING MIC Riser CablesCORNING MIC® Riser Cables
From / FT
Corning Cable Systems OFNP MIC® Cables are perfect for routing cable inside buildings, building backbone, horizontal installations in riser shafts, telecommunications rooms and work stations for all high speed data applications.

CORNING MIC Plenum CablesCORNING MIC® Plenum Cables
From / FT
Building backbone and horizontal installations in plenum and general purpose environments.
Corning Cable Systems OFNP MIC® Cables utilize 900 μm TBII® Buffered Fibers surrounded by dielectric strength members with a flexible, flame-retardant outer jacket.

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