Angel-Guard® Cord Connect™ Extension Cord Plug Protector

Prevent Electrical Hazards and Cord Damage

Low Price Guarantee

What's special about this waterproof extension cord connector?

  • Protects cable ends from outside dust, dirt, and liquids, prolonging the life of your extension cords and reducing the risk of electrical hazards
  • Locking design with tapered ends prevents cables from being disconnected while moving, ensuring that your jobs go uninterrupted
  • Weatherproof UV rated plastic stands up to the radiant heat of outside work areas for long-lasting protection
  • Screw-tight closure and internal gaskets create a certified watertight seal, defending cable from electrical damage and making the connector ideal for marine/boating and other outdoor applications that require a waterproof connector (not designed for extended submersions).
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Made in USA

Power extension cords can be very expensive, especially those specialized for waterproof applications. The Cord Connect™ extension cord cable protector offers a cost-effective solution for the home or industrial worker looking to keep their cable ends fully protected from abrasion damage, electrical hazards, and even irritating disconnects. This waterproof* extension cord connector features an electrical cord lock that creates a watertight, weatherproof seal.
*not designed for extended submersion.



Please Note: * Unfit for extended submersion

AG-5005 Cord Connect™ Cable Plug Protector OSHA Orange, Landscape Green 4/0 1-3/8" [3.49cm] 1.33 oz [37.7 g]
  • Available in 2 colors to fit your application: OSHA Orange for high visibility, and Landscape Green for blending in with outdoor natural environments
  • Snap-open clamshell enclosure makes adding and removing cables easy
  • Corrugated construction makes it lightweight and durable
  • Easy grip design makes for effortless use by workers wearing gloves, helping you maintain the highest possible level of job safety
  • Available in 2 colors to fit your application:
    • Orange for high visibility and easy recognition as a safety product
    • Landscape Green for the green worker: matches hoses, foliage, and other landscaping and gardening items
  • Made in the USA
Part # AG-5005
Material UV-rated plastic
Color OSHA Orange or Landscape Green
Maximum AWG 4/0
Maximum Plug Diameter 1-3/8" [3.49cm]
Length (open) 7"
Length (connected) 4-3/4"
Internal Length (minimum) 3"
Maximum Diameter (outer piece) 2-1/2"
Minimum Diameter (inner piece) 1-3/8"
Weight 1.33 oz [37.7 g]


Patent Numbers: 5,505,634; 5,772,462





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Q:Will the plastic of this product hold up to the heat if the plug would get hot?

If the plug gets hot while in the connector, will the plastic of the connector melt or anything like that?

Asked by Anonymous user on


  • - Thank you for your question. This plastic is made to resist regular heat from an electrical connection, however, it will not hold up to extreme temperatures.

    Fernando M. on

Q:Will this work with Christmas Lights

Asked by Anonymous user on


  • - Thank you for your question. It is designed for thicker gauge wire, but I think it will work with Christmas lights.

    Fernando M. on

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