Cooper Bussmann J600 Series Fuse Blocks

These Fuse Holders are Designed for Use with the Cooper Bussmann LPJ Fuses

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What's special about these fuse holders?

  • Designed for use with the Low Peak fuses for perfect compatibility and security
  • Easy access fuse holders mean you can replace any damaged or open fuses quickly and get your systems back in place
  • Constructed from durable quality thermoplastic materials for durability
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These Cooper Bussmann fuse holders are made for use with the Low Peak LPJ - J class fuses which are specifically designed to provide excellent short-circuit protection. Fuse holders provide the protective casing for fuses as well as make replacements quick and easy. More


Cooper Bussmann Class J Fuse Blocks

CB-J60060-1CR 60 4.005"L x 1.702"W x 2.415"H 0.3 lb.
CB-J60100-1CR 100 6.28"L x 1.945"W x 2.28"H 0.55 lb.
CB-J60200-1CR 200 6.125"L x 3"W x 3.1"H 1.72 lbs.
CB-J60400-1CR 400 4.005"L x 4.702"W x 2.415"H 3.1 lbs.
CB-J60600-1CR 600 7.5"L x 3"W x 4"H 5.35 lbs.
CB-J60060-2CR 60 4.005"L x 3.202"W x 2.415"H 0.45 lb.
CB-J60060-3CR 60 4.005"L x 4.702"W x 2.415"H 0.7 lb.
CB-J60100-3CR 100 6.28"L x 5"W x 2.28"H 1.52 lbs.

These Cooper Bussmann fuse holders are made for use with the Low Peak LPJ - J class fuses which are specifically designed to provide excellent short-circuit protection. Fuse holders provide the protective casing for fuses as well as make replacements quick and easy. Fuse blowouts are a common occurrence in electric circuits so you need to ensure that whichever fuse holder you choose, you can access the fuse easily. That's why the Cooper Bussmann Fuse Holders are such excellent choices.

  • UL Rated for  Flammability 94V0
  • Easy Installation for quick and easy maintenance
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty




Maximum AC Voltage: 600V
Maximum DC Voltage: 600V
Withstand Rating: 200,000 RMS Sym. Amps
Wire Connector Style: Box Lug
UL Flammability: UL 94 V-0
Base Material: Thermoplastic


PART # Amps Poles Wire Size Leads Recommended Fuses Dimensions - see diagrams below Weight
CB-J60060-1CR 60 1 2-14 CU, 2-14 AL LPJ 35-60 Series 1.702" .75" 4.005" 2.415" .5" .22" 0.3 lb.
CB-J60100-1CR 100 1 1/0 - 8 CU/AL LPJ 70-100 Series 1.945" 1.5" 6.28" 2.28" .5" .22" 0.55 lb.
CB-J60200-1CR 200 1 250 kcmil-6 CU/AL LPJ 110-200 Series 3" 2" 6.125" 3.1" .75" .34" 1.72 lbs.
CB-J60400-1CR 400 1 500 kcmil-4 CU/AL LPJ 225-400 Series 3" 1.75" 7.5" 4" .75" .34" 3.1 lbs.
CB-J60600-1CR 600 1 2 of 500 kcmil-4/0 CU/AL LPJ 450-600 Series 4" 1.75" 8.875" 4.99" .75" .34" 5.35 lbs.
CB-J60060-2CR 60 2 2-14 CU, 2-14 AL LPJ 35-60 Series 3.202" 2.25" 4.005" 2.415" .5" .22" 0.45 lb.
CB-J60060-3CR 60 3 2-14 CU, 2-14 AL LPJ 35-60 Series 4.702" 3" 4.005" 2.415" .5" .22" 0.7 lb.
CB-J60100-3CR 100 3 1/0 - 8 CU/AL LPJ 70-100 Series 5" 2.523" 6.28" 2.28" .5" .22" 1.52 lbs.


diagram for J60060-1CR diagram for J60100-1CR
CB-J60060-1CR CB-J60100-1CR
diagram for J60200-1CR diagram for J60400-1CR
CB-J60200-1CR CB-J60400-1CR
diagram for J60600-1CR diagram for J60060-2CR
CB-J60600-1CR CB-J60060-2CR
diagram for J60060-3CR diagram for J60100-3CR
CB-J60060-3CR CB-J60100-3CR

Some details you need to consider before purchasing a fuse holder are:

  1. Size of the fuse
  2. Required power dissipation capacity of the fuse holder
  3. Normal operating current and rated output voltage for the fuse holder
  4. Required quantity






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