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Trick Out Your Racks and Cabinets with These Add-Ons

There's more to your rack or cabinet enclosure than just the actual server equipment. There are loads of mountable items to keep your set-up neat, clean, and easy to access when maintenance or expansion is needed. Cable management items can keep patch cords from blocking sensitive equipment, PDUs and surge protectors can keep you from running tons of power cables along the floor, rackmount shelves and drawers can help you store and secure non-mountable equipment, and switches can help you rig several computers or server systems together for easier control.

Cooling is something else that must be considered when setting up a server system. Fans, air conditioning units, panels and insulating foam can all help you direct air flow and contain hot and cool air where it's needed.

Other items can integrate into your rack or cabinet to maximize space and convenience. Lights can help illuminate areas that require close inspection, and keyboard and monitor shelves can eliminate the need for a separate adjacent work station. Casters and anchors can aid in mobility or stability, respectively.

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