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Coleman Cables Cable Winder

Cord Wiz® Cable Winder
With ergonomic designs that are constructed of high-impact polyethylene, these cord winders provide frustration-free storage for cables and extension cords.

Extension Cords

Cord Runner™ Extension Cords
From / 6FT
Great for workshops, jobsites, and general indoor/outdoor use, this unique extension cord features 3 evenly-spaced outlets that light up when powered, as well as receptacle flaps to block dirt, water and debris from entering.

Coiled Extension Cords

Coiled Extension Cords
From / 1 FT
Perfect for workshops and tool benches, this extension cord’s unique spiral-coiled design lets it stretch to the exact length you need without any annoying slack to trip over, work around, or wind up.

Coleman Cable outdoor extension cords

Cool Colors Outdoor Extension Cords
From / 25 FT
Coleman Cable outdoor extension cords are 12 gauge 15-amp cords manufactured with brilliant neon colored gloss on a flexible weather resistant vinyl SJTW jacket. These cool colors help prevent loss or theft on a job site as they are easily identifiable.

portable power distribution box, Coleman Cables PDU

X-Treme Box Portable Power Distribution
Ideal for everything from construction sites to concert halls, these portable GFCI power boxes are available in rainproof and roll-cage models to provide extra power how and where you need it.

retractable cord reels

Cord Reels
Perfect for garages, workshops and basements, these retractable cord reels come with work lights, electrical outlets or power-indicator receptacles for easy on-demand light and power without any extra cable clutter.



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