Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liquidtight Conduit Coils

Perfect for Applications That Might be Difficult to Install Using a Rigid or Metallic Conduit

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What's special about this non-metallic conduit?

  • Provides your wiring with protection from oils, solvents, water and more for no functional loss
  • Ideal for all temperature uses: 0.4° F (-18°C) minimum to 167°F (75°C) maximum ambient temperature in buried or direct sunlight applications - outdoors
  • A great alternate to metal conduit when you are looking for cost benefits, ease of installation, a solution that is lighter in weight
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Made of circular cross section with a smooth polyvinyl chloride (PVC) inner surface and an integral reinforcing member within the conduit wall, the Enviro-Flex Non Metallic Conduit has several advantages over metallic conduit, including; lightweight installation, lower labor and installation costs, and greater flexibility.
*Not to be used with standard PVC cement, for best results use EZ Flex ENT Solvent Cement


CTX-V06AEA1 Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liguidtight Conduit 1/2" - 100 ft - GRAY 13.5 lbs
CTX-V06AGA1 Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liguidtight Conduit 3/4" - 100 ft - GRAY 16.5 lbs
CTX-V06BAA1 Cantex Enviro-Flex® Liguidtight Conduit 1" - 100 ft - GRAY 25.9 lbs
CTX-7210402 Cantex ENT Solvent Cement Pint 1.2 lbs
  • 600 volts maximum may run through the coils
  • Type B LFNC, non-plenum rated conduit; which means it is designed for use in wet, dry or oily locations in the capacity of a flame resistant, non-metallic raceway for power, control and communications cables
  • Ordered in 100 foot increments to suit a wide variety of applications
  • UL listed 1660 for use at constant maximum 60°C (140°F)
  • CSA Certified CSA C22.2 No. 227.2
  • NEC Article 351
  • Ideally used with Cantex fittings and couplings
  • Easy to handle and can be cut using a duct or PVC cutter
  • Smooth inner bore makes wire and cable pulls easier
  • Sunlight resistant


Applications Include:

  • Control and motor applications
  • Machinery tools
  • Moving machinery
  • Console wire
  • Transformer connections
  • Outdoor lighting, air conditioning
  • Heating systems
  • Computer power distribution



V06AEA1 1/2" x 100 ft. 0.820" Min
0.840" Max
0.622" Min
0.642" Max
V06AGA1 3/4" x 100 ft. 1.030" Min
1.050" Max
0.820" Min
0.840" Max
V06BAA1 1" x 100 ft. 1.290" Min
1.315" Max
1.041" Min
1.066" Max






Non-metallic Flexible ConduitAnamet Anaconda Sealtite® Non-Metallic Flexible Conduit NMUA
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NMUA Sealtite® Non-Metallic Liquid-Tight Flexible Conduit is specifically for use in situations that call for a liquid-tight conduit that is able to withstand vibration, movement, oil and corrosives. This item is for use both indoors and out, and is perfect for outdoor lighting, water treatment systems and HVAC equipment.
Cantex PVC Female AdapterCantex PVC Female Adapter
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Made of durable PVC, these pipe adapters can be threaded or solvent-welded onto copper pipes for a smooth and cost-effective transition from copper to PVC.
Male AdaptersCantex 1/2" to 2" PVC Male Adapters
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Flexible Steel ConduitFlexible Steel Conduit
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Deerskin Work GlovesDeerskin Work Gloves
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