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Cable Ties

Cable Ties are as essential to any tool bag as a Phillips head screw driver. They are versatile, easy to use and have a wide variety of applications for both the contractor and home user. Releasable cable ties are great to use as a temporary measure to secure equipment. And of course there are cable ties which are made for more permanent applications. Due to the low profile and high tensile strength of a cable tie they can easily and safely be used in bundling applications. Cable ties are also known as zip ties or wire ties; they are available in a variety of sizes and materials for use on different projects with different needs. CableOrganizer has everything from releasable cable ties for cable bundles that require re-entry to more durable stainless steel cable ties which are perfect for low temperature projects. CableOrganizer also offers all the accessories and tools to make the job safer, quicker and cheaper to accomplish.



  • Securely Bundle cables and wires. The positive-locking teeth of the cable tie allow you to make minute adjustments to create bundles of varying sizes. This means that when your cable bundle has a breakout point and the bundles are split into smaller groupings the cable ties can be tightened to allow for the new constraint.
  • Organize, Identify and Code cable bundles for optimum cable management, so that the cables routed underneath your desk or behind your home theater setup are neat and tidy. Cable Flags with built in labels are wonderful for keeping your video cables separate from your audio cables, even when you need to move locations or reconfigure the cables, you'll never have to worry which cable 'goes to what device' again.
  • Secure and Mount tools, bicycles and wires in the garage with cable ties.
  • Clips for Cable Ties hold cables, tubing and hoses in place. Great for routing cords in confined spaces.
  • Mounting Bases for Cable Ties are perfect for creating a complete routing system. Works in confined spaces or where linear removal might be necessary. 2 and 4-way cable tie mounts orientation is available depending on your routing requirements.



  • Assorted sizes from miniature to extra-long.
  • Extra Heavy duty cable ties.
  • Cheap disposable variety.
  • Colored Cable Ties including fluorescent.
  • Food Industry Approved.
  • Highest Quality Standards and Rating: UL Rated, and RoHS Compliant, Military Spec.

Cable Ties application on engine car


What Benefits can Using Cables Ties bring to your next project?

  • Movement reduction both laterally and rotationally for wires and hoses.
  • Repairing cable bundles Tamper-proofing lock boxes, AC units, power outlets and doors.
  • Strap hoses
  • High Performance cable ties can be used in projects where wires need to withstand constant vibration, ultraviolet light exposure, rain and salt water. These products are all round weather resistant.
  • Flame proof and high temperature resistant coated stainless steel cable ties to secure cables and hoses in car engines and oven/baking chambers
  • Protect sensitive cables and wire bundles from over-tensioning with elastic cable ties that contour around the cable bundle and maintain the highest network signal integrity.
  • Physical Restraints also known as PlastiCuffs are specially designed makeshift handcuffs that are based on the general cable tie design.


What to consider when choosing the right Cable Tie for your Project?

  • Grip Strip
  • Tensile Strength
  • High Temperature
  • Organize? Color, Label
  • Diameter/bundle size
  • Tensile Strength:
  • Durability
  • Environment
  • High temperatures
  • Reseal or reuse
  • Tamper proof
  • Standards
  • Usual considerations: voltage electrical cables


Application guidelines

Installation is easier than 1, 2, 3.

Cable tie steps

Note - for large jobs take into consideration potential hand strain that comes with repetitive motions. A light weight cable tie installation tool can be the answer to a quicker, safer installation.

* Keep an assortment handy - kit, as zip ties are so versatile for temporary, unexpected repairs.

cable tie kits and a cable ties color variety



We carry an assortment of light to medium weight cable tie tools to make installation quicker and easier.


Nylon Cable Ties

The most commonly used ties are made of nylon. Nylon ties are known for their light weight, pliability, and affordable cost. While they may be installed by hand, a cable tie gun is required for proper tensioning in critical operations, and recommended to reduce installer fatigue in any high volume application.


Metal Cable Ties

For applications in harsher environments or extra security for general purpose applications, metal cable ties are a great solution. Most metal ties are made from stainless steel, while some are made of aluminum or other metals. For special applications, such as food manufacturing, magnetic cables are available to prevent them from ending up in packaging.


Releasable vs Non-Releasable Ties

Ties of all materials are available as releasable and non-releasable (standard). The obvious advantage to releasable cable ties are reusability, tool-less removal, and easy bundle modification. Non releasable ties are less expensive and are more resistant to tampering.

If you need help selecting a solution for your cable management needs, feel free to call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 1-866-222-0030.


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