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What's special about this power cost monitor?

  • Allows you to see the amount of electricity your home is using in real time and calculates the total costs of your usage output
  • Equipped with an easy to read and simple to use counter-top display
  • Displays information from sensor to power monitor wirelessly, up to 100ft, without interfering with your meter
  • “Green” product allows you to conserve energy and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your household
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Blue Line Innovations has created a wireless energy monitor for your home, the PowerCost Monitor. This device will revolutionize how you use electricity in your home. It can tell you, at a glance, how much electricity your home is using from moment-to-moment and the amount you are spending on your monthly bill. This Blue Line power meter been has shown to help those who use it reduce electricity-related expenses by up to 20%.

BLI-28000 Blue Line Innovations BLI 28000 PowerCost Monitor™
Contains all the features of the BLI-25000, with an added option to test appliances

  • Enables you to see the difference in electricity usage when individual electrical devices in your home are turned on or off
  • Estimates the total as to how much you are spending on power usage
  • By simply pushing a button your moment to moment power consumption and total electricity costs in dollars and cents as well as in kilowatt hours are displayed
  • One year manufacturer warranty


Package Contents :

  • Display Unit
  • Sensor Unit
  • Installation Guide
  • User's Manual
  • Installation DVD
  • AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Rubber Shims


In addition to storing your peak energy cost within the last 24 hour period, the PCM will also measure outside temperature, time of day, alert you when the battery is running low and let you know the signal strength being received from the Sensor Unit.

The wireless, durable, compact and easy to read Power Monitor can be placed just about anywhere in your home - in the kitchen, on your nightstand or conveniently placed on the wall in your hallway.

The easy to install Sensor Unit attaches to the outside of your electric utility meter. The sensor reads the amount of electricity the household is consuming in real-time and transmits the information wirelessly to the Power Monitor, located anywhere inside the house, within 100 feet.

*Although the PowerCost Monitor™ is accurate within five percent of the actual amount, it is not a utility meter and is not intended for billing purposes. Data displayed is for informational purposes only.

Product Dimensions 3" L x 1" W x 7" H
Package Dimensions 10" L x 9" W x 5" H
Packaged Unit Weight 1.12 kg (2.47 lbs)
Display Dimensions 1.2" L x 3.5" W x 7.3" H (31mm x 88.4mm x 185mm)
Power Requirements
Sensor Standard : 2 Alkaline AA 1.5 volt (LR6 type)
Extreme Cold Weather : 2 Lithium AA 1.5 volt (L91 type)
Display Standard : 2 Alkaline AA 1.5 volt (LR6 type)
Communication Range
Frequency 433 MHz
Range Approximately 30 m (100')
Updates from Sensor to Display Unit Approximately every 30 seconds
Operating Temperature
Sensor Unit -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
Display Unit 10°C to 45°C (50°F to 113°F)
Accuracy +/- 5%
Meter Types and Compatibility
Standard non-demand kilowatt-hour electromechanical & solid-state meter
AMR, AMI, and Smart Meter Technologies
EPA Certified No
Hazardous No
NAFTA Certified No
HTSUS #:9028.30.0000
NMFC #136740 sub 2
Safety Precautions
Install your Sensor Unit on a dry day and please take all necessary precautions to install this product safely, more particularly if you need to use a ladder for installing the PowerCost Monitor™

To ensure your PowerCost Monitor™ provides trouble-free service, please observe the following measures:

  • Do not immerse the PowerCost Monitor™ in any liquid
  • Do not use the Display Unit in high moisture areas such as bathrooms
  • Place the Display Unit indoors only. Placing the Display Unit outdoors can result in damage to the product and will void the warranty
  • Keep this product away from heat sources such as stoves and heaters
  • Do not drop or cause any sudden impact to the PowerCost Monitor™
  • If disposing of this product, do so in accordance with your local waste disposal regulations




What does the Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor™ do?

The PowerCost Monitor™ is a real-time direct feedback display device for domestic energy consumer. It will tell you at a glance how much electricity your home is currently using and your home's total electricity used in dollars and cents and in kilowatt hours.


How does it work?

The PowerCost Monitor™ consists of two components - a small display (which you can place anywhere inside your home) and a sensor unit (which you attach to your electricity meter).

The display unit, located inside the home, receives a wireless signal from the eh sensor unit which is attached to the outside of your electricity meter. The sensor unit can be easily installed by the homeowner. The sensor unit transmits your meter information to the in-home display unit where your electricity information is displayed in kilowatt hours and dollars and cents.


Is the PowerCost Monitor™ a utility meter?

No the PowerCost Monitor™ is not a utility meter. The PowerCost Monitor™ simply displays your electricity usage in dollars and cents and kilowatt-hours. It is not a utility meter and is not intended for billing purposes. Data displayed on the PowerCost Monitor™ is provided for informational purposes only. Owing to timing of meter reads by your utility and combinations of flat rate charges and consumption-based charges, the "Total" readings on your display will not exactly match what you see on your electric bill.


Do I need an electrician to install the PowerCost Monitor™?

No. The PowerCost Monitor™ does not require an electrician for installation. The PowerCost Monitor™ has been designed so that it is easy for you to install onto your electric meter.


What can the PowerCost Monitor™ do for me?

The PowerCost Monitor™ can help reduce your energy consumption and realize savings of up to 20% on your electrical bill. In addition, you will be helping conserve the earth's natural resources and protect the environment.


Who uses the PowerCost Monitor™?

The PowerCost Monitor™ can be used by any consumer of electricity, residential or commercial. The PowerCost Monitor™ is used by customers nationwide and in the United States. In Ontario alone, there are currently over 30,000 PowerCost MonitorsT installed in residential households.

The PowerCost Monitor™ is a great tool for anyone looking to help conserve energy, protect the environment or just save a few dollars.


My utility uses a two-tiered rate structure. Can I program the PowerCost Monitor™ with two rates?

Yes, the PowerCost Monitor™ will accommodate up to nine-tiered rate structures. Instructions on how to program your unit with tiered rates are included in the Quick Start Guide of your PowerCost Monitor package.





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