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USB 2.0 Hubs
The Black Box 4-port and 7-port USB 2.0 Hubs are the easy way to allow you to connect up to 4 or 7 peripheral devices, such as scanners, digital cameras, and removable drives, to one host computer.

Black Box Small Form Pluggable Optical Tranceivers

Small Form Pluggable Optical Tranceivers
Compatible with Ethernet, ATM, Fiber Channel and more, these transceivers enable you to adapt an SFP slot to any fiber or Gigabit copper interface.

Black Box Video Splitters

VGA Video Splitters
Black Box VGA Video Splitters allow you to send clear eye-catching images to two, four, or eight monitors from your PC. These video splitters are great for presentations, trade show or point of sale displays, or for displaying multimedia video to large audiences at sales or training meetings.

Black Box High-Quality Video Adapter

USB 2.0 High-Quality Video Adapter
Able to capture and convert live analog signals into a digital format, this converter lets you customize you favorite originally-analog videos and convert them into DVD or CD format.

Black Box VGA Extenders

VGA Extenders
Extends VGA and audio up to 500' (152.4 m) on CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 cable. Ideal for multimedia exhibits, retail, trade shows, and places of worship, where sound is important. Versatility of units support two monitors or two monitors with speakers. Each extender consists of a local and remote unit to provide multiple control options

VGA cat5 receiver

Mini Cat5 VGA Receiver
With the ability to extend multimedia video 500 feet, this receiver allows you to position video monitors up to 500 feet away from your PC or video source.

fiber optic extender

Universal Async Fiber Optic Extender
Ideal for use in point-to-point or multi-drop fiber ring configurations, these extenders allow you to extend serial communications for 4 or more kilometers.

Black Box HDMI CATx Receiver/Transmitter

HDMI CATx Receiver/Transmitter
Designed to lengthen and max-out your HDMI connections without the need for expensive video cable runs, this receiver/transmitter connects displays and video sources up to 250 feet apart with simple Cat5, 5e or 6 network cable.

Black Box DVI Splitters

DVI Splitters
Black Box DVI Splitters allow you to get quality eye-catching digital images on multiple screens. A DVI splitter allow you to split your PC's signals to two or four separate displays and reproduces digital video signals without distorting or attenuating so you do not sacrifice quality. DVI splitters are ideal for digital signage applications and training applications. Since there is no need for software, DVI splitters allow for a simple, plug-and-play installation.

Black Box Mini Cat5 VGA Extender Wallplate Transmitter

Mini Cat5 VGA Extender Wallplate Transmitter
This space-saving and easy to install wallplate transmitter is capable of sending video signals and power up over UTP cable for distances up to 500 feet.

Black Box Fiber Drivers

Fiber Drivers
With an autosensing 110-220 VAC power supply for reliable transmission, this driver allows you to send RS-232 data across interference-free optical links.

edia converter

PoE PSE Media Converters
Able to convert 10 and 100 Mbps electronic signals into 100 Mbps light signals, these media converters let you connect copper cables to long distance fiber data links.

Black Box HDMI Splitters

HDMI Splitters
Black Box HDMI splitters allow you to stream HDMI signals from a single source to multiple screens (anywhere from 2 to 4) and create impressive high-definition presentations. You can use these splitters on HDTV, HD LCD, plasma, or other high-definition screens. They also allow you to cascade up to 3 units in order to get additional outputs. Also great for locations where you need to keep the source video equipment in a secure area.

Black Box DVI switch

DVI Switches with Audio and Serial Control
Black Box DVI Switches with Audio and Serial Control enable you to switch video and audio from multiple DVI-equipped devices to a common display. These switches also offer remote switching and status monitoring to facilitate your work, you can also choose to switch manually, or set them up to switch automatically.

Black Box PoE PD Switches

PoE PD Switches
The perfect switches for your network's edge, these PoE PD units allow you to extend your network with fiber ports up to 62 miles (100 kilometers).

Black Box ServSwitch EC Series

ServSwitch EC for PS/2 & USB Servers and Consoles
Designed to control up to 16 PS/2 or USB servers right from your desktop, this switch has an AutoScan function that allows it to switch between servers at intervals set by you.

ervSwitch Secure

ServSwitch Secure
Ideal for both public and private networks, this switch allows you to operate secure and non-secure computers separately, but all from a single control point.

Black Box Mini Fiber Optic Modem

Async Mini Fiber Optic Modem
Ideal for loop diagnostics, this mini fiber modem is capable of supporting RS-485, RS-422, V.11, V.52, and V.54 for great versatility and fewer communication errors.

Black Box Mini Fiber Optic Modem

Fiber Optic Multipoint Line Driver
Perfect for industrial environments, this line driver enables you to completely automate factory operations by centrally controlling a multipoint system from a single PC.

Black Box KWM switch extenders

Low Cost ServSwitch Wizard Extender Kits
for PS/2 Console and PS/2 Computer
for PS/2 Console and USB Computer
Compatible with both flat screen and CRT monitors, these kits extend Cat cable transmissions up to 328 feet for PS/2 and USB computers.

Black Box ServShare

By enabling one CPU to be shared between 2-4 keyboard/mouse/monitor setups, this unit allows you to customize security and privacy on a workstation-by-workstation basis.

Black Box ServSelect III

ServSelect III
Ideal for IT departments, these switches allow 2 users to access up to 256 servers over Cat5e cable, and offer built-in password protection for extra security.

Black Box Fiber Optic A/B Switches

Fiber Optic A/B Switches
Equipped with micro-mirrors for port-to-port data transmission, these use fiber optic cables to switch between two networks or remote devices from a single PC.

Black Box Fiber Driver

Campus Fiber Driver
With a Phrase Locked Loop PLL circuit that allows you to recover jitter-free data, this driver enables communication between two V.35 or X.21 devices via fiber.

Black Box Switch

ServSwitch Pro Plus
Equipped with a virtual network collaborator, this switch lets you remotely access servers from anywhere in the world via IP network or dial-up connection.

rackmounted monitor, keyboard, mouse Black Box

Save space and reduce clutter in your server room with this 15" monitor, 105-key keyboard and mouse combo, all fit into an economical rackmount ServTray.

Black Box ServSwitch DVI Fiber Optic KVM Extenders

ServSwitch DVI Fiber Optic KVM Extenders
Extend your KVM switch beyond Cat5 and coax limitations with these fiber optic extenders, which can send signals up to 400 meters (multimode) or 6.2 miles (singlemode).

Black Box Universal Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Extender

Universal Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Extender
The Black Box Universal Video/Stereo Audio Fiber Extender enables you to only use one fiber signal to transmit one video signal and two audio signals. This cable ensures that the audio or video you send is protected from electromagnetic interference, and with its easy installation it will need no adjustments.

Black Box ServSwitch DVI Fiber Optic KVM Extenders

ServSwitch 4Site
With all-in-one 4-port KVM switching and image processing, this switch lets you display video from 4 computers on a single screen at resolutions up to 1900 x 1200.

Black Box Matrix switch

VGA Matrix Switches
Perfect for sending HD video signals to multiple monitors or digital signage displays, these high-density switches can be set to automated different transmissions at different times of day, and can be controlled via on-unit buttons, the Web, or RS-232 commands.

BlackBox KV4161A KVM switch

ServSwitch Multiplatform KVM Switch
Designed to connect via inexpensive Cat 5, 5e or 6 cables and able to mix and match with various server makes, this KVM switch accommodates up to 4 remote and 1 local user simultaneously, and is well protected against unauthorized access.

VGA HD extender, AVU4001A

Wizard Multimedia Extender
Powered via USB, this plug-n-play extender sends HD video signals up to 500 feet over Cat5 (and higher) cables, so that you can save money by enjoying high def pictures via simple and inexpensive Ethernet cable.

8-port USB switch

USB-Powered 10/100 Switches
Designed to let you increase your small network's Ethernet connections by 5 or 8 ports, these desktop switches are small enough to fit in your pocket or behind your computer, and are powered via USB to eliminate the need for an additional power source.

Automatic Switching System

Automatic Switching System
Able to daisy-chain up to 64 chassis, this system lets you manually or remotely switch from primary to backup circuits during power outages and system maintenance.

Black Box 8, 16, and 24 PoE Gigabit Injectors

Black Box® 802.3 PoE Gigabit Injectors
Add PoE to your network without the risk of compromising your installation configuration with these convenient injectors.

Black Box DVI to USB converter

Black Box® DVI to USB 3.0 Converter
The DVI to USB Convertor by Black Box ensures you will get the maximum use out of your DVI monitor. This affordable option is easy to connect and acts just like your on-board ports.


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